The Nightmare Fear Factory: Bold in Niagara Falls

Fear can be a thrilling emotion. We do not want to be afraid, but sometimes fear brings such a rush that we seek it out. One of the most unique attractions of Niagara Falls is the heart-pumping Nightmare Fear Factory. The Nightmare Fear Factory takes you right up to the line for maximum fear, maximum rush, and maximum enjoyment. Do you like bold adventure on your vacations? Sign right up for fear, Niagara Falls style.

The Legend

Located in the former Cataract Coffin Factory, the Nightmare Fear Factory plays upon the legend of its location. The former proprietor of the property—who seems to have particularly loved his coffin business—was Abraham Mortimer. According to the legend, Mortimer was an eccentric man local youths loved to torment. He often responded to their antics with pranks and torments of his own.

One night, while struggling with his tormenters, a stack of coffins fell upon Mortimer, crushing and killing him. Those responsible were never captured. And most mysterious of all, not long after the funeral Mortimer’s coffin was found outside of its grave—and empty! The legend is that he now roams the old factory. The Nightmare Fear Factory invites fear seekers to come in and roam with him.

What to Expect

Guests make their way through a maze of terror at their own pace. If you’re truly bold, you may just make it to the end. If the fear becomes more than you can handle, you can scream, “Nightmares!” Someone—well, we assume it is someone—will come, get you, and take you out of the maze. Don’t worry if this happens to you. You are in the company of many. The Nightmare Fear Factory keeps track of those who have chickened out. As of late April in 2014, over 125,000 people have cried out in terror. The factory adds these people to the Chicken List.

The Nightmare Fear Factory has received several awards for excellence. In online reviews people will say in the same breath how much they enjoyed it and how they will never go back. The Nightmare Fear Factory has been featured in numerous media outlets and entertainment shows including CNN and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The hilarious pictures of terrified survivors and chickens are featured on the factory’s Flickr photo stream.

Things to Consider Before You Go

If you like movies like Oculus and books by Stephen King, you need to let the nightmares of the screen and literature reach out and touch you! However, before making the trip, there are some things to keep in mind. The maze is not suitable for those who have problems with mobility, and it is not accessible for wheelchairs. Also, the minimum age to go through the maze is 8 years old, and even if older, you should consider if your child will have ongoing nightmares as a result. Those who chicken out do not get refunds. And those who are pregnant or have heart conditions should not go through the maze.

The Nightmare Fear Factory is located on Victoria Avenue in the Clifton Hill District of Niagara Falls, Ontario. For more information visit the Nightmare Fear Factory’s website. While on the website, take time to look at the videos and pictures of the terrified victims in the Fear Factory’s nightmare. Enjoy them while you are still able to think they are funny. After you visit, you will have your own nightmare to enjoy.

 Are you or anyone you know on the Chicken List or have you braved it to the end?

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