Thanks to the beaches and sunny skies of Fort Myers, there are plenty of opportunities to flaunt your six-pack abs and try on your tiniest string bikini. If you’re a mere mortal without the body of a Greek statue, then there is something else that Fort Myers offers: food. Glorious, tasty, incredible food that is completely underrated in Florida’s culinary landscape. So put on a pair of your baggiest sweatpants, loosen your belt, and dig into these unforgettable dishes and eateries in Fort Myers, Florida.

Two Balls on a Bun

For Italian fare, prepare to be spoiled with choices in Fort Myers. If you’re looking for food that will make your Nona weep with joy, however, there is only one place to be: Two Meatballs in the Kitchen. The menu features all of the those classic Italian dishes like bruschetta, hand-tossed pizzas, meatball subs, and chicken marsala, but they kick it up a notch by using seasonal and regional ingredients. Wrap it up with a tasty homemade dessert that will have you exclaiming, “Holy Cannoli!”

Doughn’t Stop!

If you’re a foodie with a serious sweet tooth, head to Lush Bakery in Fort Myers. Reminiscent of a traditional French bakery and cafe, Lush is trendy, cool, and even has outdoor seating so you can take advantage of the nice Florida weather. Food lovers might gravitate towards the prosciutto platters featuring a variety of cheeses, but sugar fiends should check out their doughier delights. You won’t find boring plain donuts here, but you will find tarts filled with fresh fruit, croissants stuffed with melted chocolate, and perfectly baked almond and sugar cookies. Load up on pastries for a self-induced sugar coma, or be the responsible one and pack them away to enjoy later.

No Ordinary Wiener

Snooty food lovers might scoff, but sometimes there is absolutely nothing better on a hot summer day than an authentic, classic hot dog. Of course, if you’re big into flavour, then no ordinary hot dog will do. Thankfully, Fort Myers isn’t the kind of place where you’re subjected to any old wiener. At the Chicago Dawg House, you can order a traditional Vienna beef hotdog in a poppy seed bun, and dig into toppings like chili, shredded cheese, raw onions, relish, and more. If you close your eyes, it might feel just like you’re in Chicago, except for the fact that Southwest Florida is blizzard-free. Don’t forget to practice food safety by skipping the plain hot dog and always using a condiment!

It Rhymes With Mucky Duck

Watch your tongue when you step into Mucky Duck, but rest assured that plenty of other patrons have mistakenly said something a little more R-rated after a few drinks. A friendly neighbourhood pub, Mucky Duck is the epitome of a beachside hangout. What puts it on this foodie list is the fact that unlike some pubs that feature stodgy bar food with no real creativity, the Mucky Duck makes a real effort, and it shows. The eatery is located right on the beach, so seafood is one of the best things to order on the menu. Fried local shrimp, chilled oysters on the half shell, a smoked white fish tapenade, grilled Florida swordfish, and even lobster tail make it clear that the chefs at Mucky Duck aren’t “mucking” around!

Skinny Dipping

After over-indulging for a few days and simultaneously watching scantily-clad beach-goers prance on the sand, you might be ready to try something a little healthier. Thankfully, places like Chef Brooke’s Natural Cafe mean that healthy doesn’t have to equal boring. Plus, names like the Raw Godzilla Burrito and the Sinful Chocolate Cupcake are fun and quirky. Ultimately it’s the flavours that deliver, and Chef Brooke has a way of transforming all your favourite comfort foods into vegan, gluten-free, or low-calorie alternatives. Healthy has never tasted so good!

Fort Myers can be a paradise for foodies. Whether you’re wild about seafood, crazy for American classics, or in search of the perfect pastry, Southwest Florida has you covered. Of course, if you’re less of a foodie and more of a glutton, you’ll love the selection every bit as much.