kissimmee attractions

Heading to Disney this Spring? Make sure to stay in the area and take in the many Kissimmee Florida attractions because the area is literally jam-packed with endless options for any type of traveller.

Kissimmee attractions provide a dynamic weekend getaway for an adventurous crew. Nestled right outside Walt Disney World, you can have a great time without going too far away from the hotel. With activities in such close proximity, taking in all the must-see hits can be done with ease.

Gatorland is an exotic petting zoo where you are able to interact with live gators in their natural habitat. As one of Central Florida’s most popular attractions, Gatorland is a must-see to take in the wildlife and explore the 2,000 ft. boardwalk that winds throughout 110 acres of marshland.

kissimmee attractions

Fun Spot is the perfect name for Kissimmee’s family theme park which presents the world’s tallest SkyCoaster! The fun doesn’t stop there as guests can indulge in Bobsled, Power Trip Coaster, Screaming Eagles, Go-Karts, Vortex and more.

Speak easy when you enter the time warp back to the 1931 gangland of Chicago, then laugh it up with the rest of the dames at Capone’s Dinner and Show. Get ready to join in the comedy and musical numbers, recommended only for the daring and lighthearted. Bring the whole family and knock three times at Capone’s.

If you can’t handle a belly laugh, prepare for a body fling at Old Town Sling Shot & Vomatron. Pull back and get flung over the Kissimmee sky on the famous Slingshot which has been engineered to give you a good time, flying high at almost 500 feet. If being flung over the earth isn’t your thing, maybe you can take a spin in the 200 foot arms of the Vomatraon. Riders sit either on the bottom or top of the 200 foot swinging arms and be whipped around forwards and backwards much like the astronauts did to prepare for space. This fun-filled centre has a bungee trampoline for youth to get their flip and fly on.

Feel like zipping across the sky but not out to space? Check out Zip Orlando. The eight zip line course will have you racing across canopies under the sun and moonlight checking out the evocative diverse wild life. The course also offers suspension bridge tours through the canopy for a relaxing or romantic evening.

The list of Kissimmee adventures goes on and on, so when booking your next Disney vacation, make sure to tack on an extra couple days and check out the fun outside the park.