Using your ears on vacation isn’t just for rocking out at concerts and getting directions. From the soothing sounds of nature to the frenetic noise of cities, these ten destinations are sure to be music to your ears.

1. Whistler, BC

Whistler’s whoosh and whisper is merely sly snowboarders seeking the morning sun. In Whistler Village, the laughter and clatter is all part of the fun. Where mountain sounds abound, a great holiday is sure to be found.


2. Canmore, AB

The howling wolf is one of nature’s most mysterious tunes; follow in his footsteps when you howl at the moon. The Bow Valley Trail leads into his lair, although you might never see him, you’ll sense he is there.


3. Regina, SK

Regina’s Roughriders are a thrill to see, and Mosaic Stadium is the place to be. In this football stadium it’s OK to get loud; grab a seat and a drink and join the cheers of the crowd.


4. Sillikers, NB

The peace and quiet of fishing is why we find it profound, but if you listen closely, you’ll surely hear sounds. Lines and lures go plop and swish in the waters of Sillikers, one of the best places to fish.


5. Dauphin, MB

Comforting, crackling fires evoke the deepest contentment; it’s an ancient sound that’s travelled to the present. Make your camp in Duck Mountain Provincial Park and enjoy a vacation that really hits the mark.


6. Thunder Bay, ON

Thunder and rain sounds over the bay.


7. Penticton, BC

Bicyclists buzz down Kettle Valley Rail Trail.


8. Hamilton, ON

Hiking boots crunch along the Bruce Trail.


9. Kingston, ON

Paddles propel adventure along the Rideau Canal.


10. Churchill, MB

Polar bears have a lot to say.


When you unplug those headphones and #ComeToYourSenses, there’s no telling what new things you’ll hear. Expedia’s Travel Sensations series explores how you can use all your senses to experience a new place—and how you can relax and groove to a new kind of music: the kind that’s happening all around you.

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