Private jets increase in availability

Private jets are the height of luxury in the skies, and are mostly limited to people who can afford to own one. However, that's changing with the advent of startups and apps that allow travellers to subscribe to private jet services.

The New York Times reported JetSmarter is a service that allows travellers to hop on board a private jet when it is on an empty leg on its way to pick someone else up. Travellers pay an annual fee for the service. This is just one of the many new businesses of its kind that are making private jet travel accessible to people without the means to own a personal private aircraft. The Times reported these services can cost less per flight than a first-class ticket on a regular plane.

Another company in this space is Magellan Jets, which allows users to register for a block of time and be guaranteed an aircraft within 10 hours of the request in the U.S., or within 24 hours in Europe. Just like JetSmarter, Magellan Jets operates based on capabilities the Internet makes possible.

Surf Air is yet another subscription-based airline, this one serving only California and Las Vegas, that is specifically catering to a small audience of people who own businesses and who maintain separate homes, according to Fox News.

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