What is luxury?

The answer to this question will vary by person and place. In this post I want to share my idea of luxury in Chicago.

For some luxury is about time-time for oneself, time for family, time for relaxation. For others it’s about fine food and exquisite wine or sinking into the softest Egyptian cotton sheets of the highest thread count.

But luxury isn’t just about time or what one can buy. It’s not necessarily about staying in the most luxurious, well-appointed hotel. Perhaps it’s about staying in a fine boutique hotel that welcomes you warmly. And, just as importantly, a hotel that does the same for your pet. In Chicago there are many pet-friendly hotels but for a number of reasons I recommend the Hotel Monaco.

Pet-friendly luxury with a turn-down treat for you and your pet

At the Hotel Monaco, no matter how large your pet or how many pets you have, Oliver, the hotel’s Lhasa Apso, will greet you and yours. But that’s just the beginning of the boutique hotel feel you’ll find at the Monaco. The rooms have high ceilings and are all brightly decorated with sophisticated, unique touches. No bland beige in this hotel. I loved the window seat in my room from which to observe the city. I adored sinking into a hot tub with their luxury bath amenities at the end of a day. And I appreciated the complimentary coffee waiting for me in the lobby every morning.

The hotel’s pet services include food and water bowls and a pet bed in your room. And, just as you get a goodnight treat with the turndown service, so does your pet. Pet-sitting, grooming, walking and even massage and acupuncture are available. And, should you forget something, they have leashes, pick-up bags and water bottles for your walks.

The Chicago Bean or, as it's more formally known, Cloud Gate.

The Chicago Bean or, as it’s more formally known, Cloud Gate.

Downtown walks in pet-friendly Chicago

Located just a few blocks from a ménage of parks, the Hotel Monaco is a perfect downtown location for a Chicago visit with your dog. Every day you can enjoy a different walk.

  • The Chicago Riverwalk can be as long a stroll as you like.
  • Millennium Park has the Chicago Bean more formally known as Cloud Gate.
  • Grant Park has Buckingham Fountain and a number of flower gardens.
  • Maggie Daley Park has the amazing Skating Ribbon.
  • And, if you’re really energetic, walk through a few of these parks and along the lakeshore as far as the aquarium and planetarium.
Millennium park is very close to the Hotel Monaco.

Millennium park is very close to the Hotel Monaco.

No pet? The Hotel Monaco will give you a little guppy love

There’s something about another beating heart to come home to. No matter how small, it gives one a sense of connection. That’s why, even if you don’t bring your own pet, the Hotel Monaco will provide one. On request, you’ll find a goldfish swimming in its bowl waiting for you on your bedside table.

And you’ll be surprised. That one little beating heart will add a very special touch of luxury to your Chicago stay. Come home from a day on the town and you’ll find yourself saying hello to your piscine friend.

What’s your idea of pet-friendly luxury in a hotel?