Packing Tips When Travelling with Kids

Packing Tips when Travelling with Kids
Packing Tips when Travelling with Kids

We all have great memories of family vacations as children, and now it is time for us to create those very same memories with our own children. A vacation with kids in tow can present some complications, but these Packing Tips When Travelling With Kids are sure to help you stay sane while having a great time. They are simple tips can make your upcoming vacation easier and much more fun-filled for everyone.


Pack In Kits – Instead of packing kids clothing in the general manner, create simple outfit kits that include a shirt, bottom, underwear, and socks. Put each kit in a large gallon sized plastic storage bag. Keep their toiletries (shampoo, toothbrush, medications, etc) in a similar bag also. Stack this in their luggage so all you have to do each day is grab a bag of clothes and a bag of toiletries to get them ready. This will keep the “what do I wear” and jumbled unfolded clothing to a minimum.

Pack Comfort Items From Home – It is easier to do this when you are driving, but you can do so when flying too. A comforting stuffed animal, small blanket, small pillow, or even something like a sound machine that will help them rest better are all great choices. Maybe you read from a book each night before bed? If so, don’t forget to pack a book too. The key is to give them something that brings comfort at home to use on the road as well.

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Pack Toys and Electronics In A Backpack – The purpose behind toys, electronics, colouring books and other entertainment items is to have something easy for kids to use in the car or on the plane. Grab a nice sturdy backpack or tote to put these in for travel. Keeping all of their toys in one location makes them easy to account for, carry-on ready, or kept in a back seat for quick use as needed.

Pack An Extra Set Of Clothes – With kids, it’s always best to pack an extra set or two of clothing, and make sure to include some items for alternate weather conditions. If you are travelling in the winter months, make sure to have plenty of warm items to layer, but also include some shorts and a t-shirt or two. Some places along the way may be warmer than expected. Being prepared will lessen the stress and make for more comfortable days.

A little bit of planning ahead makes packing (when travelling with kids) easy. Not only can you relax and enjoy your vacation, you also know what you need will be at arms reach. Using kits, packing a few extra sets of clothing and always being ready with entertainment and comforting items will make your next vacation the best yet.

Have any other packing tips to share, when travelling with kids?



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  1. Great tips! I always packed a few snacks and an extra couple of diapers & baby food for the baby, just in case we had a cancelled or delayed flight. Once I was stranded in Philadelphia airport at 10 pm with no extra diapers, no baby bottles, and a tired 1 yr old. We improvised but I learned my lesson!

  2. The extra set of clothes that I pack in their carry on is always pyjamas. In case of delays, red eye flights, arriving in the evening etc etc. Comfort first!!!!

    • Great idea! Even if you have to spend an unexpected night, it’d save hunting through your baggage for pajamas. Been there, made that mess! Repacking isn’t pleasant when you’re already feeling stressed.

  3. I absolutely love the idea of packing outfits (and other daily needed items) in bags. When we traveled with the kids this summer, probably the hardest thing was living out of a suitcase and not being able to find the “pieces” the kids needed.

    • Agree! Otherwise you’d quickly have a huge pile of clothes after hunting for that first item. Then, use those same bags for bring items home in or as needed during your stay. Zippered bags always come in handy!


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