As you find yourselves sitting in front of the TV with yet another cooked frozen pizza on the table, it may be time to start planning a romantic trip to somewhere exotic. Jet off together to a place where the dress code involves fewer turtlenecks and more spaghetti straps, your daily fruit allotment is found in a piña colada, and secret smooches feel as good as your beachy, sunkissed skin. Riviera Maya is the place to go to heat up romance on the sunny shore. This Mexican resort town offers a world of rustic natural wonders that blend in perfectly with the upscale luxury of downtown. Spice up your relationship with just the right amount of white sand shimmers and dance club shakes.

Stolen Kisses (and More?) in Rio Secret 

Known as one of the best hidden gems on the coast, Rio Secret is an archaeological curiosity hiding just beneath the surface. The cavern is home to winding tunnels, an underground river, and dripping rock formations. Grab onto your partner’s hand as you gingerly explore this heart-pounding wonder. Between swimming through the ancient river and hiking through the pillars of rock, prepare to fall in love with this secluded world. It’s also the ideal spot for some covert kisses when the tour guide is busy.

Entering Venus in Chichen Itza

Deep in the jungle is an ancient city rising from the vines. Chichen Itza was once a great settlement during the Mayan’s classic period, and the pyramid structures are still standing proud today. If your idea of giving your partner the royal treatment is picking up take-out before she or he comes home from work, here’s your chance to shine. Treat your queen or king to a fully guided tour of The Platform of Venus, the Ball Game Court, the Temple of the Warriors, and El Castillo pyramid. Crack the code of adding more adventure into your relationship by exploring the mysteries of the ancient kingdom.

Ridin’ Dirty

Hold on tight as you horseback through the jungle’s trails together. Riviera Maya features authentic cowboy-style horseback riding through the twisty trails of the trees and vines.  Prepare to spy iguanas, wild pigs, and a myriad of tropical birds as you and your partner explore the landscape. Your partner will think that you’re a knight on a white horse after a gallop through these jungle paths.

Glistening Bodies in the Night

The beats pound, the bodies move, and the lights flicker a kaleidoscope of colours on the dance club walls. When it comes to nightlife, the neighbouring area of Playa del Carmen is the place to go. They say you can judge a person’s skills in the bedroom by their moves on the dance floor. If that’s the case, Playa is home to a trove of experts. No doubt you and your partner will fit right in at the city’s several hot clubs, oozing with energy and rhythm. Top venues include Diablito Cha Cha Cha, The Blue Parrot, and La Santanera. Plan to sleep in the days after you two decide to go out because the DJs tend to spin until the wee hours of morning.

Not Just You and Your Hand Tonight

For some much needed pampering, don’t miss out on some spa time with your lover. Most of the Riviera resorts include an in-house spa with specials for couples’ massages. Enjoying a deep tissue rub down, as well as a facial, mani-pedi, and body wrap to finish things off on a happy note.

Cuddling on Akumal Beach

With white sand beneath you and the bluest sea just ahead, you know you’re in paradise in Riviera Maya. Akumal Beach is a local favourite, though it’s hard to find a bad spot of shoreline. Remember to bring an extra-large beach towel to the waves, so you can snuggle up as you unwind in the warm sun. Just try not to make a scene, you two love birds!

Get out of the house and into the sands of Riviera Maya. Whether you are at the old ball-and-chain stage or are living in sin with a safety pin, this beachside city offers enough spice to kick things up once more. From club beats to jungle-lined streets, Riviera Maya is calling your names.