If you only have time for a weekend in Saskatoon, you can still see some of the city’s best attractions. This guide will show you everything to do for a memorable trip to Saskatoon.

saskatoon forestry farm

Saskatoon Forestry Farm, Saskatoon

Friday Evening

Friday night starts your 72 hours in Saskatoon. After checking into a boutique hotel near the central downtown district, head into the city to enjoy a great dinner at a fine restaurant near your hotel. You’ll find a myriad of options ranging from excellent seafood to ethnic fare.

If you prefer to enjoy dinner in a different way, food crawls are popular in Saskatoon. Food crawls are similar to pub crawls, but they focus on the culinary culture in the city. You indulge in a particular course at each restaurant, followed by drinks, so you can experience a little bit of each culinary culture in the city.

saskatchewan river

Saskatchewan River

You could also try one of the many escape rooms in Saskatoon. These venues include themed brain-teaser puzzles that you have to solve to exit the room before the time runs out, which is a great way to start your fun-filled weekend.

Saturday Morning

On Saturday morning, you can wake up early to start your next 48 hours in Saskatoon by enjoying an excellent breakfast or having brunch at one of the local coffee shops or cafes. Saskatoon boasts everything from traditional diners with homemade favourites to high-end coffee shops with gourmet concoctions.

After breakfast, it’s time to explore the unique indigenous culture and heritage in the city. You can spend some time at the Remai Modern, a museum with avant-garde architecture and modern art exhibits, or the Western Development Museum, a history collection that chronicles development through time.

If you’re travelling with the kids, you can visit Kinsmen Park, a space with an elaborate playground and carnival rides, or the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo, a rustic park with an array of animals in naturalistic habitats. You’ll also like the Wanuskewin Heritage Park, a cultural centre with exhibits and artefacts of indigenous peoples.

wanushkewin heritage park

Wanushkewin Heritage Center, Saskatoon

Along the way, be sure to grab lunch before heading back to the hotel to prepare for your night on the town.

Saturday Evening

On Saturday night, you can experience some of the unique nightlife in Saskatoon. Start with dinner and drinks at one of the city’s excellent restaurants and bars. There’s something for every taste, ranging from beer and wings at a sports pub to a classy dinner and cocktails in a high-end bar. One of the most popular restaurants in the city is Dine at The Cave, an upscale restaurant with a unique cavern atmosphere that’s warm and cosy.

mendel art gallery weekend in saskatoon

Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon

Saskatoon also has an array of fantastic nightclubs that cater to every interest and taste. You can tour the many microbreweries to sample fine beer or visit comedy clubs to see both high-profile and up-and-coming comedians. Saskatoon also has a rich jazz culture and many jazz clubs that showcase excellent jazz acts.

Sunday Morning

On Sunday morning, you’ll have 24 hours left in the city. Start with breakfast or brunch at a local restaurant near your hotel to get ready for your day of sightseeing.

A great way to start your Sunday is with a trip to the Saskatoon Farmer’s Market. It’s not only the oldest farmer’s market in the province, but it’s also the oldest. Multi-generational farm families have been selling their produce at the market for decades, and the community now includes specialty foods, artisans, and crafters.

mewahsin valley saskatoon

Meewasin Valley, Saskatoon

If you’re looking to see the architecture and sights of the city, you can take an elegant horse-drawn carriage ride. Experiencing the city and the stunning views of the river in a comfortable carriage, set to the rhythmic sound of hoofbeats is one of the most relaxing and romantic ways to spend an afternoon. You can choose from various tour options, such as a historic tour or a river view tour, as well as sleigh rides in the colder seasons.

Sunday Evening

Sunday night is the time to experience any of the nightlife and sights you didn’t get around to during the weekend. Start by dining in a fine restaurant before heading out on the town.

One of the best experiences in Saskatoon is Shakespeare on the Saskatoon, a cultural paradise that takes place along the banks of the Saskatchewan River. The premier company features a couple of Shakespeare’s greatest works, a history or tragedy play paired with a comedic play, performed by talented local actors. There are also other festivities like Medieval Feasts, talkback sessions, community stage entertainment, and more, as well as a themed tavern with a riverside deck for food and drinks.

Saskatoon has a strong Francophile culture, which is best represented by Festival Cinergie. This venue is dedicated to promoting French language films and a diverse programme of events and movie screenings spanning drama, comedy, animation, and romance.

As you can see, a weekend is plenty of time to experience the essence of Saskatoon and create some lasting memories. If you’re planning a trip to Saskatoon, visit Expedia to check out Saskatoon hotel options and make the most of your vacation.