Whether you’re aiming to ski from the top of Whistler slopes or meander through Toronto’s concrete jungle, you don’t have to leave a huge environmental footprint in your wake. Being eco-friendly doesn’t necessarily mean sleeping in a tent, using moss as toilet paper, and wearing the same clothes for seven days. No, you can transform just about any winter holiday into an Earth-friendly getaway! We partnered with Tentree.com to bring you the top five ways to tweak your next vacation (turns out, it’s easy being green!):

  1. Choose Your Destination with Care

Do you really need to fly from coast to coast to enjoy your ideal vacation? In some cases, the answer will be “yes.” But if it’s a ski getaway you crave, do Mother Nature a favour and take advantage of a resort within driving distance. When you must fly, consider the efficiency of different aircraft before you book a flight. Reserving your ticket with an airline that maximizes occupancy is also a great way to help conserve energy.

  1. Get Acquainted with Public Transportation

Once you get to your vacation locale, remember that renting a spacious SUV isn’t the only way to get around. Public transportation is your friend! With a trusty train or bus schedule, you can still manage to see your favourite attractions without renting a private car. As a bonus, you can say goodbye to parking and navigation issues. Many bike-friendly cities like Montreal also offer ample rentals and a bounty of trails. If you want to see the countryside or go well beyond the train route, rent a smart car or hybrid vehicle.

  1. Support Local Products
Fresh Produce

There is perhaps no better way to get a taste of a destination’s culture than by biting into a meal sourced with local ingredients. The next time you’re traveling, find small eateries that use produce and protein from the surrounding region. Not only are you giving the community’s economy an extra boost, you’re not contributing to the waste and fuel emissions that are generated by long-haul shipping.

  1. Get Your Hands Dirty

If you have a morning to spare on vacation, sign up to volunteer at a green charity. You could plant a community garden, clean up local beaches, or help build an efficient home for a family in need. Even if you don’t register for an official volunteer experience, remember that you can always offer a bit of charity in the form of picking up trash you see in parks and other public spaces.

  1. Book an Eco-Friendly Hotel
Eco-Friendly Hotel

Environmentally savvy hotels use water-saving best practices, have efficient windows, and may even be built from sustainable materials. Book at an eco-friendly hotel, and you’ll be soaking up the relaxing amenities you love on vacation with less guilt.

No matter where you’re headed, you can keep planet Earth in mind. Who knows, you may even work your way up to an off-the-grid style adventure in the woods!

How do you make your travel more eco-friendly?