Friendliest Communities (and Towns) in Canada

Canada is famous for being a friendly place—which we’re more than proud about! The more friends, the better, we say. And if you’re looking to make new friends, you can find them in these top Canadian communities. Based on 2015 verified Expedia user reviews, we found the top towns, cities, and communities based on friendly hotel staff with welcoming attitudes and an amiable air. Ranked from highest to lowest on our 5-star rating system, here are the nicest places in Canada:

1. Carp, Ontario


Considered one of the friendliest communities in Canada, this town is known for its weekly farmers market from April to October, as well as attractions like the Diefenbunker Museum and the Carp Fair. Grab some suds at Cheshire Cat Pub just 9 km out of town, and toast with some new pals. Or, if you’d like to stick closer to home, locals rave about the Swan at Carp in the heart of the village.

2. North Hatley, Quebec

Antique shops and brick-lined buildings give the waterfront town of North Hatley an unmistakable charm, so perhaps it isn’t surprising that so many people travelling through the city have commented on its friendliness. Get to the know the people yourself when you explore the Emporium North Hatley, catch a show at The Piggery Theatre, or grab a pint at Manoir Hovey.

3. Bayfield, Ontario


Bobbing boats, charming boutiques, and ringing bicycle bells make it easy to think you’re in some kind of fairytale when you’re walking through Bayfield. Perhaps this is why it’s regarded as one of the friendliest cities in Canada. Go ahead and get to know the town when you rent a boat at South Shore Marina, explore Pioneer Park, or attend the popular Blyth Festival.

4. Miscouche, Prince Edward Island

Salty air and white steeples make Miscouche a picturesque destination that happens to be filled with friendly folks. When you’re in the small town, make a stop at the Acadian Museum and grab a waffle at Country Oven. Yes, you can expect lots of whipped cream and fresh berries on top.

5. Malahat, British Columbia


This small village has wide open spaces and a peace of mind missing in so many cities. Get to know this friendly place when you hike through Goldstream Provincial Park and Spectacle Lake Provincial Park before checking into Moon Water Lodge.

6. Taber, Alberta

All that sweet corn must have rubbed off on the people, because Taber, Alberta, gets high marks for being a friendly town on the prairies. Get to know it personally when you walk through the “Corn Capital of Canada” on your way to Cornfest, or hop in a car and head to popular John’s Drive in.

7. Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia


With a historic past and a modern day boardwalk, Annapolis Royal is a friendly place for all travellers. Meet some of the townspeople when you check out ARTsPlace, King’s Theatre, Historic Gardens, and local favourite Leo’s Café.

8. Quispamsis, New Brunswick


They say that exercise does wonders for the mood, so it’s no surprise that Quispamsis is regarded as such as friendly place. Check out the numerous trails and parks (like Arts and Culture Park), before ducking into local haunts like Smoking Pig BBQ.

9. Chemainus, British Columbia

Considered “Muraltown,” Chemainus is peppered with dozens of colorful murals that can make anyone’s day. Go on a walking tour to see them all at your leisure. Then, when you need a break, pop into Gringo’s Outdoor Grill for dinner and see more art and performances at the Theatre Festival.

10. Bancroft, Ontario

Drawing visitors year-round because of its distinct four seasons, Bancroft has become a favourite not-so-hidden-gem. With friendly people and tons to do, it’s highly worth a visit. Sign up for a Bancroft Studio Tour to discover local artists or experience nature through Highland Wilderness Tours. Take some time to walk through Algonquin Park before hitting up Blue Roof Bistro.

11. Weyburn, Saskatchewan


With strong family values and ties to the community, Weyburn is one of the nicest cities in Canada, and perfect for a weekend jaunt. Take some time to visit the Heritage Village and learn more about the region, take pictures in front of the Pioneer Woman Sculpture, and treat yourself to some seafood at Joey’s.

12. Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

downtown port coquitlam

Small town charm and friendly people make Port Coquitlam a great choice for a weekend trip through B.C. Take your time picking out fruits at the Farmers Market, see what’s new at Leigh Square Community Arts Village, and go for a walk on the PoCo Trail. Head to the Evergreen Cultural Centre just outside of town to see live music and dance performances.

13. Liverpool, Nova Scotia


Colonial houses and folk art make Liverpool not just a friendly place, but a pretty one at that. Come visit for Privateer Days, or take some time to visit the Fort Point Lighthouse Park and Hank Snow Hometown Museum.

14. Membertou, Nova Scotia


Home to the Mi’kmaw Nation, this town is one of the most sustainable and friendliest communities in Cape Breton. Get to know the history of the people when you visit Membertou Heritage Park, and meet the locals at favorite spots like Kiju’s Restaurant and Dozay’s Native Art Gallery.

15. Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

With easy access to regional wine and the ethereal Niagara Falls, it’s no wonder so many people find Niagara-on-the-Lake to be a super friendly town. While you’re here, make a stop at Corks Wine Bar, Benchmark Restaurant, and try to make it in time for the Shaw Festival.

16. Grand Falls, New Brunswick


While it may be a hidden gem to the rest of the country, Grand Falls locals are happy to tell you about Grand Falls Gorge. This pretty spot—which you can see by hiking, kayaking, or ziplining—is a favourite around these parts. Of course, the Grand Falls Museum and Grand Falls Golf Club are worth a visit as well when you’re in this welcoming place.

17. Pender Island, British Columbia


With epic sunsets that ripple golds and pinks on the ocean, you can bet that Pender Island is a relaxing place. When you add in wine from the local Sea Star Vineyard, it’s easy to see why people here are in such good spirits. Check out the vineyard for yourself, as well as the Pender Islands Museum, and don’t forget to head to Jo’s Place for some English-inspired eats, including the classic Bubble and Squeak.

18. Boischatel, Quebec

Fresh air has a way of relaxing the spirits, so perhaps it’s not that surprising why so many people in Boischatel are friendly. Between swinging at the Club de Golf Royal Quebec and cave diving down the Boischatel Cavern, it’s all about getting a little dirt on your shoes in these parts.

19. Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carre, Quebec

Good vibes are plentiful in Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carre when you find yourself skiing down Mont Blanc, golfing at Royal Laurentien Golf, or exploring Centre Touristique et Educatif des Laurentides. See it all for yourself on your next trip to Quebec!

20. Golden Lake, Ontario


Golden Lake is bordered by townships and small communities full of friendly sorts. After spending the afternoon by the water, take some time to explore North Algona Wilberforce and Eganville in Bonnechere Valley, which get high marks for their welcoming communities.

21. Bathurst, New Brunswick

Located on Chaleur Bay, Bathurst is a town made for families and travellers. Enjoy your day at the Gowan Brae Golf and Country Club, hike through the Bathurst Marina, and check out the Bathurst Heritage Museum. You can’t help but have a smile on your face when you see everything this charming town has to offer.

22. Chateau-Richer, Quebec

Nestled on the shoreline of the Saint Lawrence River, Chateau-Richer is a friendly place with salty air and good spirits. See the area for yourself when you explore the Albert Gilles Copper Art Studio, Centre d’interpretation de la Cote-de-Beaupre, and Karting Chateau-Richer.

23. Thorold, Ontario

Maybe it’s the free maple cream cookies at the Lock 7 Viewing Complex, maybe it’s the welcoming nightlife, maybe it’s the fresh mountain air—whatever it is, Thorold is one of the friendliest cities in Canada! Get to know it, when you watch boats travel up the Viewing Complex (the highest part of the canal), and hit local spots like The Karma Kameleon Gastropub and Cracker Jack’s.

24. Minden, Ontario


With the cross-country ski trails in winter and the cool lakes in summer, Minden is an escape from the bustle of everyday life. Perhaps this is why the community is so friendly and easygoing! Get to know it when you walk down the Minden Riverwalk and Gull River.

25. Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec

Saint Hyacinthe

With manicured gardens and quaint avenues, Saint-Hyacinthe is beautiful city, not to mention a friendly one. Feel the charm when you’re walking through the Jardin Daniel A. Seguin, an expansive floral park, and attend the Festival Agrirock.

Traveling is about new sights and sounds and experiences. Why not throw in a few new friends while you’re at it? When you visit the top friendliest cities in Canada, who knows what’s possible!

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  1. I go to Bancroft on occasion. It’s beautiful any time of the year. Drive up the Eagle’s Nest for a breathtaking view, especially in autumn. The Eagle’s Nest Restaurant doesn’t look all that inviting from the road but the food is good. Best burgers ever.

    I’ve always wanted to spend some time in Saskatchewan. Weyburn sounds nice. Just curious, though… is Saskatchewan seafood country? Would have thought maybe Buffalo steaks or at least something with legs.

  2. I lived in Liverpool Nova Scotia for 51 years, from 1963 to 2014, and can readily agree with the town being among the top 25 most friendly communities. My career with Bowater Mersey Paper began right after graduation from Acadia University, and I was welcomed into the community, especially by the Baptist church family, the Kinsmen club and fellow employees. Many of my friends remain from among those organizations, as well as from the golf and curling clubs. My late wife and her family were from Liverpool, and we rraised our three daughters there. Interestingly enough, firstborn daughter Terri and her family now live in Carp, Ontario, which ranked No. one. Kathy and family live in Kanata, nearby, while youngest daughter Linda and family returned to the Liverpool area from Kanata, where she and her extended family started a business, Memories Cafe’, extending that friendly atmosphere. The resilience of Liverpool after the shutdown of the major employer, the paper mill, has been exemplary and is a credit to the leadership of the mayor and councillors and the people of the community. I now live in Hantsport Nova Scotia, but retained my cottage in Greenfield, just 30 km from Liverpool and continue to visit often to stay in touch with Linda and her family and as well as many friends.

    • Glad to see Liverpool N.S on here .I personally have always considered it a friendly place. more so then some south shore communities .
      (I am not , or have been from Liverpool ,just saying.)

    • NFLD is one of the most friendliest places I have been to. As I was scrolling through the places, my exact thought was “What about Newfoundland” Many places were not mentioned, but not even recgonizing even one town in NFLD saddens me 🙁

    • Miss Em. The reason they did not choose a town or village in NFLD is because the entire province would top any place in Canada. I’ve never met a NFLDer I didn’t like…The most genuine people in all of Canada. Be proud of that! (sincerely…a Cape Bretoner)

    • Working in Thorold, I agree it’s a quaint town. I’ve been to Newfoundland 3 times. Love it! And yes, it counts. My grandmother was born in Paradise, Laborador.

  3. Love seeing Quispamsis included, but all of the places in New Brunswick and all across Canada are very lov , would not want to live in any other country & in Quispamsis N.B.

  4. Rand Falls, is my home town. It’s at its best in the fall. People are friendly and fully bilingual. Awesome stop if your touring the Maritimes.

  5. I am guessing the author must have flown from Ontario to Saskatchewan, otherwise I can not understand how she did not mention a single town or city in “Friendly Manitoba” ! That is after all our Provinces Motto !

  6. I grew up spending summers in Bayfield Ontario over my first 25 years that were so great as a kid especially. I hope our kids love those summers now spent on Pender Island, BC just as much themselves, and as I do now❤️

  7. Grand-Falls also has a Farmer’s Market every Saturday from May until October. Then 2 week before Xmas also. They have a potato festival in end of June, lots of restaurants and shops, a family owned Dairy Delite ice cream . A great walk near the falls takes you down a trail in the woods and back out into the city. You can go camping just outside of town at several campgrounds. You can go fishing too.

  8. Not enough people travel to the northern part of our great country to leave comments on how friendly our communities are and get some really great towns from the Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut in the running either. I guess we feel like Newfoundland in that respect. lol!

  9. Lived in Bancroft area all my life.We take for granted how beautiful it is here.I have traveled all over US and Canada and the only thing that can compare are the Rocky Mountains in BC.

  10. I grew up in Carp Ontario and I’ve travelled all over the world lived with all kinds of people but there really is something special in Carp or at least the Carp I was raised in. Since not living there for 30+ years. That said I still want to be there more than anywhere else.

  11. My husband & I visited Newfoundland a few years ago,we spent two weeks there and found it beautiful & the people were fascinating, The Humber Vally area was especially beautiful with lovely hills and valleys and the whole area reminded me of Hawaii (very different vegetation though). Just saying

  12. Definitely the best place in the Summer and Fall, we have breath taking views at most places. Come to Bathurst and experience a great round of golf as well as taking in the Bay of Chaleur while golfing!! Viewing the East Coast couldn’t get any better!! We have a jewelled area!!

  13. I live 10 minutes from North Hatley, Quebec. Friendliest??? How about snobbiest??? And to the person who mentioned, ‘what about Newfoundland?’. I agree…lots of friendly communities all over Newfoundland.

  14. Ah, choices “based on friendliness of hotel staff…” explains a lot. I’ve lived in some of these places and visited others and as everywhere, travelers can be warmly welcomed but being an “incomer” is not necessarily so friendly.

  15. Interesting list and certainly some beautiful Canadian places but I’m not sure the author has even visited some or any of these spots. There are a number on here where there is no community whatsoever. How can it be friendly?

  16. I prefer a friendlier culture because it is easier to make new friends in these cultures. Are American’s Canadian’, more friendly than Europeans. Are Canadians nicer than more friendly Americans? Are Americans more friendly British people,If so, what led other people brings these case? Which are group of American Canadian British can you like the most are friendly nicer? I have not tried meeting their accent because why understanding on to American Canadian English are from “CANADA” and “United States of America”.

  17. My partner and I traveled around Canada in 2005 (from Australia) and our favourite place was Newfoundland. We’re wondering why Newfoundland is not on this list? Quirky people Newfoundlanders are but friendly as.


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