The Most Exotic Caribbean Drinks to Enjoy on Your Winter Retreat

There is a lot of history, outdoor recreation, and exploring to be done on a Caribbean holiday. However, there is also a lot of another very special thing: booze. Some of the most fun you can have on a winter retreat in the Caribbean starts with an exotic apéritif, a colourful cocktail, and an umbrella in your glass. Whether you’re saying “hola” to Cuba, the Bahamas, or Antigua, you’ll definitely be asking for a refill on these drinks:

Not Your Average Cup of Tea

All those French and English settlers in the Caribbean might have had cups of tea, but you’ll probably enjoy the liquor-filled Ti Punch a whole lot more. Watch as your bartender muddles a half of a lime and a tablespoon of brown sugar, and then adds in 28 to 56 g of white rum. If you’re in Martinique, it has to be rhum agricole, the local choice. He’ll stir it up and serve it as is for the traditional route—though if you’re getting hot and bothered, just add some ice, ice, baby!

Wham Bam Bamboo

If you want to forget all about the gorgeous sunsets and breathtaking scenery of Jamaica, it will take just one drink called the Bamboo Duppy Cocktail. The island equivalent of a Long Island Iced Tea, the cocktail includes overproof white rum, spiced rum, dark rum, wine, vodka, tequila, and triple sec. Yep, that’s seven types of alcohol in one cup. There’s also a little bit of lime, sugar, and cola, but those are inconsequential details when you consider the fire power of the other ingredients. If you’re a lightweight, steer clear, but otherwise, try it out.

When Life Gives You Lemons…

Just like the famous Elvis song, a Cayman Lemonade gets “all shook up” for a tasty adult upgrade to a classically refreshing beverage. Equal parts vodka, peach schnapps, and triple sec get shaken together with cranberry juice and club seltzer. The result is a pastel-coloured drink topped with some bubbles, and it will take you straight back to your playground days and your delicious pink lemonade juice box. This version, however, is definitely not child-friendly. It goes down quickly, but packs a serious punch. Thank you, thank you very much, indeed.

No Pain, No Gain

After a night of drinking in a tropical setting like the Caribbean, you might wake up with that all-too-familiar ailment known as a hangover. Instead of reaching for a couple of tablets to help you feel human again, you could go for the Painkiller, a cocktail that will cause you to forget all about how bad you feel. Similar to a piña colada, but slightly less rich and a lot more refreshing, the Painkiller starts with 56 g of rum, 113 g of pineapple juice, 28 g of orange juice, and 28 g of cream of coconut. The mixture is poured over ice and sprinkled with nutmeg. It comes in a hurricane glass, which is appropriate due to the storm it can cause if you have one too many of these before noon!

Fit for a King

The Cayman Islands might be best known for their financial industry and offshore trading, but they are also known for incredible cocktails like the Cayman Colada. At first it looks like any other ordinary piña colada, and it contains the classic ingredients of rum, pineapple, and coconut. How it differs is all about the money, honey! The cocktail is drizzled with Chambord, a raspberry liqueur with notes of vanilla and honey. A favourite drink of Henry XIV, this pricey addition ups the cost but also the flavour. Get your credit card ready if you’re craving a drink fit for royalty!

This winter, trade your massive coats and jackets for bikinis, short shorts, and some deliciously tropical cocktails. The Caribbean boasts amazing weather year-round as well as plenty of opportunities to get your drink on.

Where’s your favourite exotic cocktail?

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