How to Enjoy a Whistler Winter (Even if You Don’t Like the Cold)

Whistler Winter

How to enjoy a Whistler Winter (even if you don’t like the cold)

There are people who jump up on a snowy, winter morning look out the window and start to plan the myriad of ways they can get out into the wind-blowing cold. Those people love Whistler.

Then there are the people whose perfect winter day involves staying warm, eating well and succumbing to a day full of pampering. Those people love Whistler too.

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A lack of love for the great (chilly) outdoors doesn’t have to dampen your winter weather fun. Here are a few ways you can keep warm when you’re off the slopes and enjoy winter without the frozen fingers.

EAT: Snowmobile Fondue Adventure

The snowmobile or snowcat ride 6,000 feet up Blackcomb Mountain to the famous Crystal Hut in Whistler will require you to put on your hat and mitts. But once you arrive and take in the incredible views that will all be forgotten. Settle in to enjoy live entertainment while your chef-prepared candle-lit fondue dinner comes together. Sip your wine and take in the vistas. The entire experience is Canadiana at its finiest.

DRINK: Belvedere Ice Room

Whistler Ski Area, British Columbia
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The fact that the vodka tasting at the Bearfoot Bistro takes place in a room that hovers in temperature around -32 degrees Celsius would at first lead you to believe that you couldn’t possibly be warm. But you’d be wrong. Each participant dons a Canada Goose jacket so toasty you’d think you were in the tropics. And once you begin to sip and sample from the more than 50 vodkas stored here at the temperature they were intended, you’re guaranteed to warm up from the inside out as well.

SPA: Scandinave Spa Whistler

Whether you’ve earned a bit of pampering because you worked out on the slopes of Blackcomb or because you were smart enough to send the others out without you, Scandinave spa will be exactly what you need. The ancient Nordic spa experience is the perfect compliment to Whistler winters. Soak away what ails you and improve your blood circulation while overlooking the area’s mountains and valley in a series of hot and cold baths. Add on a massage and you’ll quickly forget the weather outside and everything else.

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SLEEP: Four Seasons Resort Whistler

Book a room inside this lavish 5-star hotel and you’re guaranteed to stay cozy. Or ramp it up a notch and sign up for the Winter “Glamping” Package. The resort will fly you out (via helicopter) to the Pemberton Ice Cap and then take you via snowmobile to your private getaway in the “Snow Hotel.” Pre-warmed down duvets, gourmet meals and hot tubs will keep you toasty in the away-from-the-crowds wilderness setting.

What’s your favourite way to stay warm in Whistler?

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