Delta announces wireless Internet improvements

The demand for Wi-Fi on flights continues to rise, and many airlines are making wireless Internet a top priority. Delta Air Lines has emerged as one of the top providers of in-flight wireless Internet, and seems determined to keep it that way.

On Feb. 25, 2015, the airline announced plans to increase the speed, coverage and efficiency of their onboard Wi-Fi capabilities. The carrier is currently using Gogo Inflight Internet as a provider for its high-altitude Internet options, and the company has been working on a new technology, referred to as a "satellite-based 2Ku system," to improve its Wi-Fi offerings. Delta is predicting that 85 percent of its entire fleet will be equipped with Gogo's new networking system by year's end, with 100 percent of Delta flights, domestic and international, expected to feature the service by the end of 2016.

Delta has been referred to as being one of the premier airlines for wireless Internet service in recent years. According to reports by Routehappy, an air travel data monitoring company, Delta offers both the highest number of W-iFi-enabled flights and most flight miles providing ​the service.

Other airlines certainly aren't too far behind. The Los Angeles Times reports that in 2013, United Airlines provided passengers with wireless Internet on 518 of its domestic flights. Today, that number has nearly tripled, with 1,445 flights offering Wi-Fi networking. Routehappy also listed United Airlines as offering the most international flights equipped with high-quality wireless Internet. The reports additionally acknowledged that 100 percent of Virgin America planes would provide Wi-Fi to customers, and both American Airlines and Alaska Airlines were hailed for adding electrical outlets to seats, so passengers can charge their devices in-flight.

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