This article was written by guest author, Cindy Cournoyer. 

It’s Expedia Travel Week! This is THE perfect time to book that big trip for the future you’ve been waiting to take, with huge discounts site wide on flights, hotels, activities, car rentals and cruises. For the occasion, I gathered my most useful tips in order to travel light when it’ll be the right time. With these, you’ll apply some basic principles that will save a few pounds on the scale but will also simplify your trip in order to enjoy more!

1) Take only the bare minimum

Easy to say, hard to do, right? Do you really need it? If the answer is maybe, then it is not essential. When it comes to luggage, many of us imagine the worst, which proportionally amplifies the number of things to bring. The classic if “this” ever happens! But honestly, you won’t be able to remedy every situation and if an urgent need arises, you can always remedy it once you reach your destination. Create a list of your essentials and each time you go, take it back and remove all the items that were unnecessary during your previous trip. It will make your job easier! Here’s a few essentials of mine: passport, identity card with photo, money and credit cards, health insurance card, travel insurance document, itinerary, ticket and booking confirmations, phone and charger, a towel, a water bottle, a padlock, and snacks. This is what I took with me to Hawaii and let me tell you I was happy with this decision. Because my itinerary was only made up of hikes and days at the beach, I could practically have gone with a bathing suit and my passport! Did you know Expedia has the “free cancellation” search filter, if you’re looking for refundable/flexible stays? Book the Outrigger Reed Waikiki Beach Resort or the Ala Moana Hotel now and pay later!

2) The smaller the better!

I recommend a backpack of 45 or 50 litres. Why? Because with smaller, we always travel lighter! For a suitcase, use the medium size. As a bonus, this tip will help you avoid additional baggage overcharge costs. Great, right? Remember to bring a small soft bag in your carry-on baggage. At your destination, this will come in handy when you go out for a walk in town, without bringing all your gear. This is what I did in Peru, as there are a lot of small shops with handmade stuffs. I highly recommend the Hotel El Huacachinero or even the Las Torres de Ugarte Hotel for the safest, perfect night. Lastly, if you absolutely want to bring your favourite super-chunky heavyweight hoodie, wear it with you when you get on the plane. It will be that less in your luggage! 😉

3) Two words, One solution: Compression bags

It’s amazing how much a small bag can hold! Compression bags can really change the way you pack! Sold in several sizes with or without an evacuation valve, the bags will not only allow you to compartmentalize your suitcase, but will also protect its contents, in addition to maximizing space. It was so helpful when I went to visit Peru. Because destinations within this country fluctuate in temperature, I must have had shorts as much as a rain coat! I would recommend 3-4 compressions bags of all sizes for: 1) underwear, light sweaters and socks, 2) waterproof and warm clothing; 3) soiled clothes to wash; 4) toiletries, first aid and electronics.

Voilà! Hope you can plan your trip and be organized with these great tips. Now is a great time to check out the deals and start planning for the future. Create an account or log in to save your searches and add hotels to your list of favourites so you’re ready to book when the sale starts!