Drug cartel activity in Mexico has prompted extra caution among travllers. According to The Province, Canada's embassy in Mexico has warned tourists about travel to the country following a recent spate of drug cartel activity in Jalisco, a western state. The attacks saw 15 people killed and 11 banks burned, as well as 19 people injured. In the aftermath of this violence, Canadian travellers in the country have been advised to exercise particular caution – even in resort areas in Jalisco. 

"Canadians are advised to limit their movements throughout the cities and follow the advice of local authorities," a message posted on the Canadian embassy's Facebook page read, according to The Province.

Popular resort areas like Puerto Vallarta and Guadalajara are places where Canadians have traditionally been able to enjoy themselves without much issue. Now, they are part of the region where authorities may make certain requests and where travellers will need to exercise caution for the foreseeable future.

CTV News reported 1.9 million Canadians visit Mexico annually, many of them choosing to stay in relatively safe resorts on the coast. However, these recent attacks in Jalisco have made even these destinations places to approach with caution.