The trouble with family vacations is that most families don’t have three people who are exactly alike in interests. You might have an adventure seeker, a mellow fellow, an adrenaline junkie and more in your small crew and planning a vacation that keeps everyone happy is no easy task.

Walt Disney World, Florida

Walt Disney World, Florida

There is a place that caters to everyone though: Florida. Heading to a Florida theme park means everyone gets something they’re after and these parks prove it.

The Foodie: Walt Disney World

Sure, they’ve got  Mickey, Donald, Goofy and all those rides that will make everyone happy, but if you’ve also got a food lover in your midst Walt Disney World is a great place to indulge. From the Mickey waffles available at hotel properties across the park to the sweet treats that continue the Disney theme, you’re bound to be tempted. But for those looking for something more, Epcot never disappoints. Each of the world destination pavilions offers authentic tastes of distant lands and meals that are both fulfilling and delicious.

The Pop Culture Junkie – Universal Studios

Where Universal scores highest is in offering authentic homages to some of your most nostalgic pop culture references. From the Simpsons (the Krusty burgers and giant donuts are as good as they look) to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter ( the lines are worth every bit of it for a Potter fan), Universal offers you dozens of opportunities to remember and reminisce. And even those who don’t know the shows or movies will find areas to amuse. Everyone will fall for Dr. Seuss and the superheroes (along with their themed coasters and rides) bring the right mix of easy does it and raucous adrenaline to the offerings.


Universal Studios, Orlando

Universal Studios, Orlando

The Island Lover –Aquatica

Want to get to the South Seas but can’t quite make it this year? A trip to Aquatica might help to satisfy your brood until you do. The theme park boasts 59 acres filled with sandy beaches, climate controlled water and waves that are meant to offer something for every age and thrill level. Don’t miss Dolphin Plunge: The ride sends you down a tube through a lagoon where Commerson dolphins play.  Prefer bigger thrills? Omaka Rocka takes your inflatable tube through half-pipes and funnels before spitting you out at the end.

The Deep Thinker – Legoland

Budding architect in your crew? Lego lover? Legoland is their spot. The miniature replicas of USA icons are impressive and the life-size replicas (all in Lego blocks!) of everything from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Empire State Building will impress even the naysayers. With more than 50 rides, shows and attractions  (including a water park) spread over 150 acres, the highly interactive park will give you more than enough to fill a day of adventure. Aimed at kids from ages 2 to 12,  it’s a great day out for multi-generational families and the right level of excitement for  big and little Lego lovers alike.


Legoland, Florida

The dreamer – Kennedy Space Center

If your kids have ever expressed an interest in outer space, bringing them to the space center will make you parent of the year. Offering up decades worth of incredible research, experiments, Apollo and space shuttle launch history and more, the Center makes it all easy to understand and appreciate with hands-on opportunities. Not to be missed: The Atlantis exhibit. Besides the informational movie with a big reveal at the end,  there are plenty of space-newbie friendly activities, a giant slide and a shuttle launch reenactment that will keep the grins plastered on their faces for days to follow.