An Illustrated Guide to Canadian Slang

If you speak English, travelling in North America should be a doddle, right? Wrong. Like any population in the world, Canada’s English-speakers have developed a curious lingo of their own. Are you familiar with the weird world of Canadian slang?

It’s not easy meeting people when you’re travelling. The locals have their own words to describe everyday things. If only there was some way you could crack their code!

Well, it’s easy once you get started. Next time you’re in the country, how about sitting down with a local for a proper yarn (a chat). Try ordering a double-double (a coffee with two milks and two sugars) to win their trust.

You can take things to the next level by throwing in a few phrases from our new infographic, which gathers a handful of the best Canadian slang words into one attractive travel guide.

Slang is an essential part of how any local community communicates. Get these essential slang words down, and you’ll have no problem passing as a Canuck (a Canadian) next time you’re in town!

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