So a trip to Paris just isn’t in the books this year? Why not visit Montreal instead? You’ll get all the old world charm without having to leave the country!

Montreal is a wonderful destination throughout the year, though many may shy away during winter months. If you don’t get there this summer, don’t let winter in Montreal stop you! Montreal has the largest underground complex in the world at over 32 km of tunnels, shops, and complexes connecting 120 points around the city.

ways to save montreal travel

So, how can you take in Montreal and not break the budget? Here are my top five suggestions on ways to save in Montreal.

Book a Montreal travel package.

Or, if you’re planning to drive to Montreal book a package that includes your hotel, parking, and breakfast if possible. By grouping fees together you’ll likely save more money than booking them alone. Do a little research on the many Montreal accommodations before finalizing your choice.

ways to save in montreal

Visit the Free Attractions

Many of Montreal’s most famous attractions don’t charge an entrance fee at all. That’s great news for tourists! Vieux-Montreal, St. Joseph’s Oratory and Parc du Mont-Royal are a few examples of sites with free entrance. But don’t stop there! There are also dozens of free activities, performances and events every week. They’re all listed on the tourism page for the City of Montreal.

Get the Montreal Museum Pass

If there are museums you’d like to see that cost a fee, look into purchasing the museum pass. The cost is $75 and includes and includes admission to 30 museums. Plus, you’ll get skip-the-line privileges, thereby maximizing your time as well.

ways to save montreal museum pass

Get Your Hockey on

What’s more Canadian than catching a hockey game? One of the best deals is to catch a game or two of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. The ticket prices are very affordable and you’ll have a chance to watch up and coming hockey players before they become famous athletes!

Aportez-Votre Vin

If you enjoy a glass of wine or beer with your meal than this is the deal for you! Stop by a wine store or market and pick up your choice drink. Then find a restaurant displaying the aportez-votre vin sign – it means bring your own wine. You can enjoy your meal and your drink without paying hefty prices.

food choices in montreal

Montreal is a very walkable city during all of the seasons and chances are you’ll find some great activities happening in whichever neighbourhood you end up staying.

ways to save in montreal food

Rumour has it Montreal has more restaurants per capita than any other North American city. You can find food ranging from street corner take away to Michelin star fine dining. If you just can’t make up your mind head to the Jean-Talon public market, one of the oldest open air markets in the country and pick out the ingredients for your own Montreal inspired picnic. Bon Appétit!

Do you have other tips for saving money while visiting Montreal?