The coffeeshop has evolved from a neighbourhood staple to a destination hub for travellers. Whether you’re looking for the artistic centre of a city, or just an Instagram-worthy photo of your stay, heading over to a local coffeeshop is always a great idea. Here are ten Canadian coffeeshops worth travelling for.


10. Pikolo Espresso Bar, Montreal

Founded by Marie-Eve Laroche, the Pikolo melds Australian coffee culture with Quebecois sensibilities. At this Montreal café, the drinks are created with an intensive focus on the individual character of the coffee and served in a casual and unpretentious familiarity. The café also features freshly baked pastries from Hof kelsten and Goodley & Crème. The Pikolo is one of the city’s most popular coffeeshops and a great place to stop on a trip to Montreal.

9. The Standard, Montreal

Another French-Canadian coffee institution, The Standard is a great stop for coffee on the Westside of the city. The Standard varies its roasters and provides a selection of fresh espresso beans each week. Along with the coffee, the café features fresh pastries including Nutella doughnuts, and flavoured brioche. The interior deco is white marble and black and gold accents that fit with the location in Montreal’s luxurious Westmount neighbourhood.

8. Pilot Coffee Roasters, Toronto

Located in Toronto’s Leslieville neighbourhood, Pilot Coffee Roasters is a full-service roastery, cold brewery and coffee distributer that takes its craft seriously. The passion of this unique roaster goes into each bag of coffee that they produce. And with an accompanying café, Pilot Coffee Roasters makes for a great stop for your next trip to Toronto.

7. Philosafy, Calgary

This fun Alberta coffeehouse draws inspiration from modern philosophy’s origins in smoke filled cafes and coffeeshops in Europe. The coffeeshop only uses what it terms the “top 1%” of beans in its roasts and operates a store named Socrates’ Marketplace that sells coffee, tea and coffee brewing machines and tools. Philosafy also offers a coffee subscription service that provides their signature roasts in weekly, bi-weekly or monthly installments.

6. Rooster Coffee, Toronto

This Toronto coffeehouse chain is one of the city’s most loved. Along with fantastic roasts, coffee and a highly knowledgeable staff, Rooster has great pastries and sandwiches to go along with their brews. With their stylish design and laid-back ambience, Rooster is the perfect place to curl up with a good book, or power through your latest creative project.

5. Elysian Coffee Roasters, Vancouver

With several locations throughout Vancouver, Elysian is a great spot for your next coffee meetup. The employees take their roasting deathly serious and the dedication shows. This is some of Canada’s best coffee. And with picture perfect coffeeshops, Elysian also provides the perfect setting to enjoy their prized products.

4. Studio.89, Mississauga

This coffeeshop is more than a place to meet up with friends over coffee, it’s also an independent studio and space for art and creative projects. A social enterprise of the youth Troopers for Global Awareness, Studio.89 works to mobilize social justice through the arts. Independent artists, thinkers and activists converge here to provide a space for the arts and art education to flourish. Along the way, they also serve some of the best coffee in the country in a socially minded café.

3. Bridgehead Coffee and Roastery, Ottawa

For coffee with a conscience, visit one of Bridgehead’s locations in Ottawa. Bridgehead works to ensure that all their coffee is ethically sourced and farmed in a way that benefits the farmers and agricultural communities that surround them. They practice what they preach and everything they do emphasizes the work that their growers do to provide their customers with the best coffee in Ottawa. Bridgehead also embraces the coffeeshop’s unique place in the community as a hub for friends, consumers and creatives.

2. Rocket Bakery, St. Johns

The Eastern Maritime Provinces are sometimes neglected by coffee connoisseurs to their own detriment. Some of the country’s best coffee and cafes can be found in Newfoundland at Rocket Bakery. Each of these locations feature delectable baked goods, impeccable roasts and beautiful cafes and spaces to meet in. Enjoy perfect coffee in some of the most picturesque and beautiful landscapes in Canada.

1. Oso Negro, Vancouver

Sitting in beautiful rustic settings in Vancouver, Oso Negro serves excellent coffee, pastries and treats for a wide variety of dietary needs in a picture-perfect café with attached perennial garden. The Oso Negro is also a centre for artists and musicians to meet and exchange ideas and projects over perfect roasts.

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