By Expedia Team, on March 31, 2015

Best Coffee Shops in Vancouver for a Good Buzz

Seattle might be known as the coffee capital of the world, but nearby Vancouver, BC offers a whole “latte” competition when it comes to the tastiest java. Whether you’re grabbing a quick espresso in the morning before sightseeing or you need a pick-me-up with friends in the middle of the afternoon, you’ll find tons of amazing coffee shops to choose from. These five coffee shops in Vancouver all have something good brewing. Go get buzzed!

Mocha Stop at Finch’s Tea and Coffee House

This shabby-chic cafe brings some old English glamour to Vancouver. Yes, you can get a cafe mocha topped with whipped cream to heat you up, but you can also keep it classy and order a black coffee or even flavoured tea. Limited hours starting at 9 a.m. means that Finch’s isn’t a place to grab a shot of espresso on your way to work—so don’t be one of those obnoxious people tapping your fingers on the bar. Instead, it’s a place to savour great coffee, and drink with your pinky up in the air like Canadian royalty. Brevi-tea might be the soul of wit, but nothing beats a coffee drip at Finch’s.

Give Caffe Artigiano a Shot

Photo attribution: Flickr/Creative Commons/Michael Allen Smith/Via/
Photo attribution: Flickr/Creative Commons/Michael Allen Smith/Via/

Steeped in Italian tradition, Caffe Artigiano is all about Italian espresso drinks. Their baristas have been trained extensively, and there is a lot of skill involved in crafting the milk-and-foam art found on top of each hot beverage. Despite being a chain, this coffee shop is a popular spot for locals who won’t settle for anything but the best cup of Joe out there. Give Caffe Artigiano a shot, and they will give you one right back.

Embrace the Daily Grind at Milano

If you think the daily grind is a bad thing, then you’ve never been to Milano in Mount Pleasant. Run by expert roaster Brian Turko, Milano roasts whole coffee beans daily and then grinds them into small batches. This ensures fresh flavour, whether you’re buying a pound of it to take home or enjoying a single mug to sip and not-to-subtly people-watch out the window. By any beans necessary, get yourself to Milano to try out this amazing coffee for yourself.

Espresso Yourself at Darryl’s Coffee & Native Art Shop

cw14_2_Espresso Machine

If you want to espresso yourself while enjoying a hot cup of coffee, there is nowhere better than Darryl’s Coffee & Native Art Shop. Along with a variety of roasts, Darryl’s also provides a tasty menu of First Nation cuisine. If you haven’t sampled bannock, a delicious homemade bread slathered in butter and jam, order it here and indulge a little. As you’re enjoying your baked goods and coffee, admire the art on the wall.

Get a Buzz at Thierry

You want chocolate and you want it now? We feel you. Thierry is the ultimate shop when it comes to making chocolate. This cafe, however, goes way beyond just chocolate and offers a range of tempting coffee treats. Along with their own hand-mixed espresso blends, you can sip liquid chocolate drinks with a shot of espresso, or even affogato, a shot of espresso poured right over a serving of ice cream. As an extra perk, you can get a serious punch with one of their spiked coffee drinks complete with your choice of liquor. A buzz plus a buzz? Yes, please.

In Vancouver, there is no shortage of coffee shops to choose from. Stop in at one of these five top picks, and you’ll realise you’ve never “bean” so happy before!

What’s your top favourite coffee shop in Vancouver?