Faroe Islands Hotel Guide

Travellers who are ready to depart from the norm and head down the road less travelled will want to pay a visit to the remote Faroe Islands. There are many charming and even luxurious hotels in the Faroe Islands where you can make reservations and book rooms at great rates for your upcoming trip. However, the Faroe Islands are actually a chain of 18 distinctive islands, and travelling between the main islands is generally done by boat. Because of this, you may consider reviewing the top Faroe Islands hotel packages in detail to find hotels that are located close to the attractions and sights that you are most interested in exploring.

Cheap hotel deals in the Faroe Islands provide you with an affordable way to explore this chain of islands located in a remote area about midway between Norway and Iceland in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean and the Norwegian Sea. While the islands are known for their natural beauty, their low peaks and coastal areas with cliffs make the islands rugged. All of the major islands except for Lítla Dímun are inhabited. The cities are known for their charming cottages coupled with some modern structures in larger cities that provide a striking contrast to each other and the ruggedly beautiful landscapes.

When searching for the best Faroe Islands hotels to stay at, you may consider getting to know some of the more popular attractions in detail. In Tórshavn, the Føroya Fornminnissavn is a museum that features historic artifacts and displays from the Viking period through the 19th century. Kirkjubøur is an eclectic and historic village area that features stone houses, the Magnus Cathedral ruins, and the famed St. Olav's Church, which was constructed in 1111. Also in Tórshavn, you will find the Listasavn Føroya wild park, a gorgeous natural area. Further away, the Vestmanna Bird Cliffs in Streymoy is a must-see point of interest for bird lovers. Skansin Fort is a popular historic site that offers a glimpse into the area’s interesting past.

These are only a few of the special attractions and landmarks that you can discover when you take advantage of Faroe Islands hotel deals. When looking for the right discount to use for your upcoming trip to the area, look for a cheap Faroe Islands hotel deal that is located close to attractions that you want to see. Because the attractions are scattered on different islands, you may consider staying in multiple hotels with special prices on different nights of your trip to explore the islands more fully.

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