Picasso Museum Malaga

Within the Palacio de Buenavista, a 16th-century palace, is this museum showcasing the life and works of Malaga’s most celebrated artist.

Located in the heart of the Old Town, Museo Picasso Malaga is a monumental tribute to an exceptional local talent: Pablo Picasso. Browse the nearly 300 works by the world-famous painter and sculptor. See early 19th-century sketches of landscapes, cubist impressions and modern 20th-century portraits. While here, also admire the grand setting for the museum, the elaborate 16th-century palace called Palacio de Buenavista. 

Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga in 1881 and grew up in the town. His later visits to his hometown were fleeting, but the connection was there for life. As this museum reveals, in 1953 Picasso expressed his desire for his work to be showcased in his home city. He died 20 years later, before the museum was achieved. In 2003 his wish was finally granted. 

The museum’s collection covers eight decades of Picasso’s varied artistic career. The works were mostly donated by, and partly borrowed from, the artist’s heirs. 

Browse the extensive galleries with Picasso’s earliest childhood sketches, preliminary drawings, sculptures, ceramics and etchings, groundbreaking modernist paintings and final works completed in the 1970s. Picasso changed the way people looked at art forever and is now universally called a master painter. From his early academic studies to his revolutionary innovations in cubism and primitivism, Picasso stood out. 

To further your understanding of Picasso’s influence on modern art, browse the art history books in the expansive Picasso Museum Library and Bookshop.

Stop by the Picasso Museum Café on your way out and enjoy a typical Andalusian treat or glass of Spanish wine in the garden. Return in the evening for a seminar, poetry reading or music recital. 

The Picasso Museum Malaga is open daily, except Mondays, New Year’s Day and Christmas Day. The museum stays open in the early evening. There is a small admission fee, except in the late afternoon on Sundays. The museum is close to the bus hub of Paseo Parque.

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