Turkmenistan Hotel Guide

From the third millennium B.C. to the 15th century A.D., the ancient trading post of Merv was one of the most important cities in the world. Few Westerners had ever heard of it, however. Merv stood at the crossroads of the fabled Silk Road in the part of Central Asia that is known today as Turkmenistan. In 1999, UNESCO designated Merv's ruins a World Heritage Site. You can find many Turkmenistan hotels in the nearby city of Mary.

Turkmenistan is a fascinating country, filled with echoes of bygone times. The capital of Ashgabat, though, is surprisingly large and modern, thanks to money flowing in from Turkmenistan's booming oil and natural gas industries. Ashgabat is a good place to shop for the famously beautiful Turkmenistan carpets at top prices, but be careful: You cannot take certain types of carpets out of the country.

Hotels in Turkmenistan were originally built to accommodate executives in the energy business. You can discover many cheap hotel deals in Turkmenistan in the town center near the Arch of Neutrality. Expedia can help you track down the best cheap Turkmenistan hotel deal and make reservations. Along the Murgab River near Turkmenistan's shared border with China, you will find remains of a Bronze Age village called Gonur. Some archeologists believe that Gonur was the birthplace of Zoroastrianism, the world's first monotheistic religion.

Another UNESCO World Heritage site in this region is the ruined city of Khorezm, one of the greatest cities on the northern route of the Silk Road. Nearby stands Khiva, the seat of one of the four khanates that Ghengis Kahn divided his empire into upon his death. Visitors to these fascinating sites will discover lodging and Turkmenistan hotel deals in nearby city of Urgench. Urgench features many hotel rooms at special discount rates.

The Karakum Desert that covers much of Turkemnistan has its own tourist attraction of sorts: a manmade crater that's been on fire for more than 40 years. It is the remains of a collapsed Soviet oilrig. The locals call it the Mouth of Hell. Turkmenistan also has several unusual nature preserves. The strikingly beautiful Yangykala Canyon is a lovely place for camping and rock climbing. The Kugitang Nature Reserve is home to the Dinosaur Plateau where visitors can view footprints left by the Megalosaurus dinosaur that roamed the area during the Jurassic era 150 million years ago. Search out and book Turkmenistan hotel packages that will allow you to visit the caves of Kyrk Gyz Gorge as well as Dinosaur Plateau. These caves have been used as storehouses by smugglers and thieves since 2000 B.C.