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How do you get to Moncton?

Moncton, New Brunswick’s “Hub City,” is a historic railroad city situated upstream from the Bay of Fundy and nearby the Atlantic Coast. Learn about Moncton’s rich history in its museums and heritage buildings, enjoy a day of family fun at its numerous parks and visit the city’s exciting zoo.

Moncton was incorporated as a town in 1855, but its oldest building, the Free Meeting House, was established in 1821. Built in the style of a New England meeting house, the building serves as a well-preserved monument to Moncton’s early settlers. Don’t miss the stately architecture of the Thomas Williams House, built by a wealthy industrialist in 1883. Pay a fee to tour the interior and see the building’s lavish Victorian-era furnishings.

Head northwest of the city to find a wide variety of attractions around Magnetic Hill. Descend onto this marvelous stretch of road and put your car into neutral to experience this region’s bizarre illusion. Your car will move backward, appearing to drive uphill on its own. Kids will love the nearby Magnetic Hill Zoo. See the exciting exhibits of native and exotic animals, such as the tiny-fanged deer. Enjoy a wild day on the waterslides at Magic Mountain, a water park where you can rocket down a slide at around 40 miles (60 kilometers) per hour. For a slower-paced day in the region, head to the Magnetic Hill Winery and sample a local wine.

Visit the Petitcodiac River south of town at certain times of day to see Moncton’s tidal bore. Since the Bay of Fundy features the world’s highest tides, a tall wave passes along the Petitcodiac River against the normal flow of the rising water. The best place to view this phenomenon is Tidal Bore Park, where you can check a clock for the next big wave.

Fly into Moncton from Toronto or Halifax. This historic, centrally located town is a great steppingstone to the rest of New Brunswick.

Things to do in Moncton

For years this hill has amazed visitors for an experience that seems to defy gravity. Sit in your car and marvel at how it appears to be pulled uphill. 

Lions, piranhas and big-eyed lemurs are just some of the residents of the biggest zoo in Atlantic Canada.

Warm, calm waters and clean sand make this family-friendly beach a popular place for a day of seaside relaxation.

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