Mexico City
Coyoacan which includes café lifestyle and a city
One of the most popular Mexico City neighborhoods is this quiet colonial space southwest of the historical center.

Coyoacán displays the traditional colonial look of Mexico. Somewhat away from the city center, it is a neighborhood of beautiful old streets, plazas and homes, without the modern high rises and busier traffic in areas closer to the historical center. Come to this community for sightseeing, mingling with residents and excellent dining.

In pre-Hispanic times, Coyoacán was separated from what would become Mexico City’s historical center by a large lake. In its early days, Coyoacán became the capital of New Spain, which included areas of Mexico and other colonial space. Now the larger Mexico City has engulfed Coyoacán’s streets, but its charm remains. Experience this quiet peace alongside city residents escaping the noise and bustle.

One of the neighborhood’s most popular attractions is Museo Frida Kahlo or Casa Azul. Visit first thing in the morning to avoid long lines. This former home of renowned artist Frida Kahlo provides fascinating insight to her art and lifestyle. As you walk along Coyoacán’s tree-lined streets, notice that other artists have made their homes here, providing decorations in the community.

Nearby is Vivero Coyoacán, a public park and arboretum. Walk south and stroll east along Francisco Soza Avenue to find coffee houses and cultural centers frequented by locals and tourists.

In the Centenario Jardin in the center of the neighborhood, see the fountain celebrating the origin of Coyoacán as depicted by two prancing coyotes. To the east, visit St. John the Baptist Parish. Inside it is surprisingly ornate from shiny patterned floors to murals on the ceiling. The 16th-century home of Hernán Cortés is just east in Plaza Hidalgo. Browse the outdoor market and buy souvenirs and multi-flavored churros.

The National Autonomous University of Mexico or Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) is located in southwestern Coyoacán. Visit the campus to see numerous cultural performances and outstanding art and architecture or even an American-style football game.

Coyoacán is about 9 miles (14 kilometers) from Mexico City’s historic center. Once in the neighborhood, take the Coyoacán trolley tour of popular destinations or enjoy a leisurely walk and stop to discover pleasant surprises along the way.

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