To Be Frank…the Only Spots in Frankfurt You Must See

As one of the biggest cities in Germany and the financial hub of Europe, Frankfurt can be a little intimidating to explore. The city is home to dozens of museums, thousands of restaurants, and some of the best nightlife on the planet, and narrowing down all those options isn’t easy. In between stuffing yourself with German pretzels and admiring the locals in their lederhosen (kidding), here are the top spots in Frankfurt you’ve got to see:

“Buy” Curious? Check Out the Zeil!

If you want to shop until you drop, or just stare through windows longingly at stuff you can’t afford, the best place in Frankfurt is the Zeil. Even if you aren’t in the market for souvenirs or high fashion, it’s worth seeing just because of the street’s sheer size and popularity. Often called the Fifth Avenue of Germany, the Zeil is pedestrian-friendly and lined with small boutiques as well as big department stores like Galeria Kaufhof. If you’re looking to class up your wardrobe with some European style, this is the place to go.

An In-Cider Secret

Sure, you’re going to want to knock back a few beers while you’re in Germany. What you might be surprised to learn is that in Frankfurt, beer often takes second place to the local specialty, Ebbelwoi, or apple wine. Similar to apple cider, Ebbelwoi is low in alcohol and perfect as a refreshing drink in between attractions or when your girlfriend can’t be torn away from shopping in the Zeil. The best place to try Ebbelwoi is in the district of Frankfurt called the Sachsenhausen, just south of the Main River. Look for signs reading Kneipen, or tavern, for a local hangout. Not sure if you want to drink cider over beer? Mull it over a little!

The Local Green—Not That Kind

Sorry folks, Frankfurt isn’t Amsterdam. However, Frankfurt still has some incredible green you won’t want to miss. First up is the Grüneburgpark, which is the largest public park in the city. Head here for a morning jog, a sunbathing session, or a good time mingling with college students attending one of the two universities adjacent to the park. Alternatively, you could visit the Stadtwald, or City Forest. Just a few kilometres south of the city centre, this expansive area makes you feel like you’ve escaped to the countryside. The outdoor spaces in Frankfurt are so appealing, you’ll never want to leaf!


No, Frankfurt isn’t home to vampires and elves. The 600-year-olds in this city are actually the 14th and 15th century structures found in the historic district called the Römerberg. It’s where the old City Hall and the true heart of the city is located, although many of the original structures were damaged during bombing of WWII. Be sure to stop by Römerberg and spot the Roman ruins that give the neighbourhood its name. You can also spy the impressive but derelict castle called the Saalhof. Just be sure to mention that it doesn’t look its age to avoid any offense.

Museumsufer: Bank on It

Museum Embankment, better known in Frankfurt as Museumsufer, is the city’s biggest collection of museums. Having a dozen museums in one place makes it easy to soak in the scenery of it all as well as pick and choose a few top spots to visit. Highlights include the German Architecture Museum, the German Film Museum, the Museum of Applied Arts, the Jewish Museum, and the Icon Museum. Be aware that most of these museums, and museums in Germany as a whole, are closed on Mondays.

Frankly, Frankfurt is one of the coolest and most interesting cities in all of Europe. It’s home to everything from incredible museums to big public parks and plenty of bustling taverns. This city is so much more than the sausages, and you’re sure to relish all of these attractions and landmarks in Frankfurt.

Which Frankfurt site are you planning on checking out first?

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