OK, ladies, now let’s get in formation—International Women’s Day is nearly here! And for anyone who still thinks that women belong at home plucking flower petals until someone asks them out, where on earth have you been? Women are out enjoying life—solo or not—and that goes for travelling, too.

In honour of the holiday, we’ve compiled a list of destinations known for their historical significance, scenic locales, and popular attractions that are ideal for any solo woman traveller. Get ready, get set, let’s go travel!

Ottawa, Ontario

A woman’s place is in Parliament. Make a trip to Ottawa to see the Famous Five statues on Parliament Hill, which honour the women who won the Persons Case that declared women as persons under the law (crazy concept, right?). Who needs a travel buddy when you can take pics with Henrietta Muir Edwards, Louise McKinney, Nellie McClung, Irene Parlby, and Emily Murphy?

Things to Do Solo:

  • Feel inspired to change the world after a visit to the Canadian Museum of History.
  • Unwind after a supercharged day when you do sunset yoga on Parliament Hill.

Places to Eat Solo:

  • Enjoy all the handcrafted bao you want at Gongfu Bao.
  • Nachos. Tacos. Milkshakes. The Nacho Cartel food truck can do no wrong.

Top places to stay in Ottawa


New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

Talk about a revolution. In 1946, Viola Desmond made history at the Roseland Theatre when she refused to leave the “whites only” segregated section. She was arrested, and the court challenge she initiated increased the spotlight on Civil Rights. Desmond is now an iconic figure in Canada and is featured on the $10 bill. A trip to this landmark city is a must.

Things to Do Solo:

  • Visit the former Roseland Theatre where Desmond made her heroic stand.
  • Keep the history vibes going when you explore the exhibits at the nearby Museum of Industry.

Places to Eat Solo:

  • Grab a window seat and enjoy a round of pad thai at Mamatsu Fresh Asian Kitchen.
  • Order a good old fashion slice at Acropole Pizza.

Top places to stay in New Glasgow


Hornby Island, British Columbia

Where can a lady get away from project deadlines, traffic, and unsolicited pics from dating app bros? A nice island off British Columbia, that’s where! Hornby Island is an excellent spot to unwind for solo female travellers.

Things to Do Solo:

  • Ever heard of sound bathing? This therapeutic experience harmonizes the body. Try it out at HORNBYSOUNDBATH.
  • Jazz, classical, pop, and soul make the Hornby Festival a top groovy experience.

Places to Eat Solo:

  • “Farm to fork” is the name of the game at popular Forage Farm and Kitchen.
  • Options like artichoke dip and seafood chowder make the Thatch Pub and Restaurant a top pick.

Top places to stay on Hornby Island

London, England

If you want to wear your Gryffindor scarf out in public, be our guest! London is the scene of more literature, art, and history than you can squeeze into one trip. All Hogwarts houses are welcome.

Things to Do Solo:

  • Hermione Grangers of the world agree: The Warner Bros. Studio Tour, the Making of Harry Potter, is magical. Visit the sets and costume exhibits of the “Harry Potter” movies. Pet owls not included.
  • Ride one of those famous red double-decker buses. There are tons of bus tours in the city, so you can see everything from the Changing of the Guard ceremony to famous architecture.

Places to Eat Solo:

  • With plenty of bar stools and interior design that will make all your hipster friends jealous, a stop at Spuntino is a must.
  • Bread Street Kitchen, a Gordon Ramsay restaurant, offers everything from traditional English breakfasts to sweet sticky toffee pudding.

Top places to stay in London


Grand Bend, Ontario

When you’re looking for one of the best beach towns in Canada, you can’t get better than Grand Bend. And let’s be honest: All powerhouse ladies such as yourself deserve relaxing holidays.

Things to Do Solo:

  • Enjoy the sun rays at the popular Grand Bend Beach, one of the most popular sandy stretches in the country.
  • Marie Kondo might have a heart attack here, but as long as it brings you joy, load up on trinkets and treasures at Pinery Market.

Places to Eat Solo:

  • A beer and a view—life is good when you grab a pint at The Growling Gator.
  • Get a taste of nostalgia when you order an old-fashioned soft serve ice cream at the Dairy Dip & Pizza Place.

Top places to stay in Grand Bend


Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec City is a perfect solo female travel destination, whether you want to spend your time checking out the historic sites or enjoying an afternoon at an outdoor patio.

Things to Do Solo:

  • Go on a walk through Old Town and keep your eyes open for landmarks like Notre-Dame Basilica, Rue du Petit Champlain, and Terrasse Dufferin.
  • If you want to learn how to make a certain pink kitty hat (you know the one), brush up on knitting skills at Coeur de Mailles.

Places to Eat Solo:

  • Sapristi offers chic industrial decor, heavenly pasta, and it’s close to a bunch of downtown Quebec City hotels.
  • There’s nothing like a freshly made crepe, and one of the best crepe spots in the city is Le Billig.

Top places to stay in Quebec City


Campbell River, British Columbia

Sometimes you just need to breathe. And when you do, a gulp of pine-fresh air is perfect. Make your way to Campbell River for an outdoorsy scene that’s just as lovely as it is refreshing.

Things to Do Solo:

  • Spend a day at Elk Falls Provincial Park, where you can spot the powerful waterfall along the windy trails.
  • A fresh forest setting offers ultimate relaxation. Keep it going at one of the many yoga studios around the area, including Ocean Mountain Yoga and Yoga Solace Studio.

Places to Eat Solo:

  • Stop into The Island Grind Coffee & Tea for top-notch brews and scenic views.
  • Whether you want take-out or sit-down, Miki’s Sesame Sushi will give you the flavours you’re after.

Top places to stay in Campbell River


Caraquet, New Brunswick

Not only is Caraquet known for its lovely bay, it’s also home to the Festival Acadian de Caraquet. It’s the biggest Acadian festival in North America, so it’s easy to meet other solo travellers at the event.

Things to Do Solo:

  • Explore Village Historique Acadien, a living museum with over 40 historic buildings and interpreters in period costumes.
  • Go for a stroll around Caraquet Bay and enjoy the soft breezes.

Places to Eat Solo:

  • Grab a quick lunch and freshly made bread to-go when you stop into Grains de Folie.
  • Plant yourself in front of a window seat looking out to the sea, and enjoy a lobster club sandwich from Le Caraquette.

Top places to stay in Caraquet


Machu Picchu, Peru

Maybe it’s always been a goal of yours, maybe it’s a New Year’s resolution, or maybe it’s a challenge for your mind and body. Whatever brings you to the famed ruins of Machu Picchu, the views from the top are worth it.

Things to Do Solo:

  • Hike up to Machu Picchu, the Incan city that rests over 2,400 meters above sea level. A few weeks of practice hikes is recommended.
  • The Sacred Valley of the Incas is another historical site in the area, with towering ruins.

Places to Eat Solo:

  • Given the remote location of Machu Picchu, your restaurant options are limited. Tinkuy Restaurant is a buffet at the entrance of the hike and offers enough to fill your belly before the ascend.
  • For light meals like empanadas, cakes, and sandwiches, stop at Machu Picchu Snack Bar before the hike.

Places to stay near Machu Picchu


Toronto, Ontario

Safety is often a consideration for women travelling solo, which is why Toronto rises to the top. Not only is Toronto the third-safest metropolitan city in the country, it’s one of the best places to spend a solo vacation.

Things to Do Solo:

  • Take a break from shattering glass ceilings when you step on the famous glass floor of the CN Tower (with a 342-meter drop below it).
  • Burst into laughs when you visit the famed Second City Comedy Theatre.

Places to Eat Solo:

  • Kinton Ramen offers stellar flavours, and three locations all within easy walking distance of downtown Toronto.
  • When you’re at a place called HOTMESS Tex Mex, no one’s going to judge you when you slide into a booth at 1a.m. and order a dripping taco with a double margarita.

Places to stay in Toronto

Pelee Island, Ontario

Given its status as a hidden gem, Pelee Island is a treasured spot, and we apologize for giving up the secret! Pelee Island is known for quiet beauty and relaxation.

Things to Do Solo:

  • The Stone & Sky Music & Art Series will give you new creative inspiration. The festival features a rotation of bands and spoken word performances.
  • “Clang, clang, clang went the trolley” will be stuck in your head when you hop on the Pelee Island Trolley and take in the sights.

Places to Eat Solo:

  • Local wine and beautiful views make Stone House 1891 a favourite.
  • Snack on pastries and freshly brewed coffee from The Bakery.

Top places to stay on Pelee Island


San Francisco, California

Maybe you’ll leave your heart in San Francisco, or maybe you’ll remain happily single, thank you very much. Either way, San Fran is a perfect solo female travel spot.

Things to Do Solo:

  • SF is full of extraordinary museums and landmarks to check out, including the SFMOMA, Golden Gate Bridge, and Palace of Fine Arts.
  • Consider Union Square a hub of activity, with tons of shops, food, and Snapchat-worthy sights.

Places to Eat Solo:

  • Eating a bread bowl of clam chowder on Pier 39 is one of those Instagram clichés that happens to be just as good in real life.
  • Burritos have a strong history in the city, and people often say that the no-frills-just-excellent La Taqueria is the best.

Top places to stay in San Francisco


Collingwood, Ontario

Located on the scenic Georgian Bay and close to the famed Blue Mountains Resort, Collingwood is a town you go to when you want a dash of beauty, a splash of luxury, and a few shakes of adventure. It’s the martini of weekend getaways.

Things to Do Solo:

  • Give yourself a day of pampering when you head to Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain.
  • If you’ve ever wanted to take a canopy tour, this is the place! Book a professionally guided day amongst the greenery with Scenic Caves Nature Adventures.

Places to Eat Solo:

  • Halibut and chips at Fish and Sips make life grand when it’s time for dinner.
  • Order local brews and specialties like local wagyu beef cheeseburgers at Northwinds Brewery Limited.

Top places to stay in Collingwood


Ubud, Bali

Do you need a little “Eat, Pray, Love” in your life (or just a fabulous holiday)? In that case, pull your best Julia Roberts and head over to Bali and the popular city of Ubud.

Things to Do Solo:

  • As you may have seen in the movie, Ubud Art Market (also called Pasar Seni Ubud), is an open-air market, where you can get everything from clothes to artwork.
  • See the monkeys up close when you walk through Ubud Monkey Forest.

Places to Eat Solo:

  • The upscale Three Elements overlooks over the Dalem Segara Madhu temple and stunning water fixtures.
  • Who wouldn’t want tea in a room full of elegant orchids? Pinkies up when visiting Orchid cafe.

Top places to stay in Ubud


The Greek Islands, Greece

It seems like everyone is looking for a “Mamma Mia!” vacation these days. Pack your best bikini and overalls and head to the blue waters.

Things to Do Solo:

Stretch out on one of the famous beaches of Skiathos and snap a few new profile pictures.
Wander through the Old Town streets when you stop on Crete, the largest of the Greek Islands.

Places to Eat Solo:

Oceanside views, fresh oysters, and good wine all make Liasti on Mykonos a popular destination.
Fast and delicious is why Pito Gyros on Santorini is a classic favourite for any solo traveller.

Top places to stay in Greek Islands


Solo female travellers are out there scaling mountains, visiting museums, and changing the world. Whether you’re looking to travel for International Women’s Day or any other day of the year, isn’t it time to join in the fun? We’ll see you out there!

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