Dublin may be best known for its pub nightlife, but in the garish light of morning, you can find a healthy spread of breakfast foods to soak up the liquor and get you back on your feet exploring the isle. If the only time you eat seafood hash and soda bread is on St. Patrick’s Day, you’re missing an entire palate of delicious dishes. Follow the fiddle to a table by the sea, and experience for yourself what breakfast in Dublin is all about.

Trust the Irish for a Hangover Cure

Yes, the Irish know good booze. Perfectly balanced tones and valiant flavours give the country the award-winning reputation it rightly deserves when it comes to whiskeys and ales. However, if you sampled too thoroughly last night, you’ll be waking up this morning feeling like the sunlight shining through your window is made of razor-sharp knives. Fortunately, Dubliners know a little something about that. First and foremost, order yourself a famous Irish fry-up.

A fry-up is a deliciously unhealthy European breakfast dripping with grease, and includes both sausage, bacon, baked beans, fried eggs, butter-slathered soda bread, and then a tomato for an attempt at including something healthy on the plate. When your head is pounding and every loud noise feels like a personal attack on your insides, there’s nothing quite as comforting as consuming a breakfast with this much decadent, artery-clogging potential. By the time you’re done, you’ll be able to face the day upright and with eyes wide open.

Dip Your Taste Buds In the Ocean

You flew across the ocean to arrive in Ireland, you’re surrounded by the ocean now that you’re here, and it’s a crime not to start off your day with some fresh seafood. Don’t skip out on some local lobster hash, served alongside poached eggs, crispy potatoes, avocado salsa, baby spinach, and caviar hollandaise. It’s an elegant meal that suggests an evening of fine dining, but here in Dublin, you can casually order it for breakfast or brunch. Rest assured; it’s worth every euro.

Not Your Mama’s Pancakes and Beans

Dublin food is all about simplicity and large quantities of it. Three dishes you’ll find on just about any menu are pancakes with an Irish twist, steel-cut oats, and plenty of beans on toast. Make no mistake, you’re not at an IHOP, but pancakes, called boxty, are quite popular. Made up of potatoes, they have the texture of hash browns meets pancakes and are usually topped with butter or berry compote.

If you’re an oatmeal fan, try out some steel-cut oats in a Dublin restaurant. You can expect a heaping pile of oats with a rougher texture than that of your typical minute-oatmeal, along with a nuttier flavour. Enjoy a smear of toppings, though a chunk of butter is usually the favourite option. And if you want, feel free to order a side of beans on toast, which is exactly what it sounds like, but with an occasional spike of beer for extra tastiness.

With a good meal in your stomach and a surefire hangover cure for the next morning, you might just be able to hold your own touring the city and popping into traditional Irish pubs to celebrate a night that will gloriously seep into morning.