If you’re someone who loves the feeling of your pulse quickening, your heartbeat thrumming in your ears, and the hairs on the back of your neck perking up from a sense of danger and a hint of adventure, then pack your bags for Cancun. While most travellers are content sunbathing and feasting during their trip, this beach town has more than a few extreme adventures too. We’ve partnered with Aquaworld to showcase some of the best outdoor sports to try in Cancun.

Scuba Diving with Enchanting Men 

A few meters under the azure ocean is a man waiting to see you. He’s been waiting underwater for you to visit for a few years now, along with an army of other statues standing proud in the deep blue sea. These statues make up an arresting sight. With thoughtful looks and peaceful expressions, the stone men and women are beautiful to behold. MUSA (Cancun Underwater Museum) is part of an underwater art gallery featured in deep waters around the world. Check out scuba diving tours in Cancun to see the strange folks living under the sea.

Parasailing Over the Ocean

Who says that flying is reserved for Superman? Hop on a speed boat as it races along the turquoise waters, gathering wind and momentum. Once the time is right, you’ll get strapped into a two-seater and lifted into the air by a gigantic rainbow parachute. Prepare to fly over the waters of Cancun in true superhero style. Do you dare look down at the speeding water below you?

Kicking It with Flipper


 Here’s something to post on social media: a picture of you swimming with the dolphins. There are a number of options to experience ocean life with these funny creatures. Become a dolphin trainer for the day. Spend the afternoon caring for the animals and learning basic hand signals for tricks. You can also participate in an interactive experience, where you’ll be able to pet one of the sea mammals and receive a famous dolphin kiss.

Flyboarding Above the Waves 

With a board beneath your feet, along with a few meters of air, flyboarding is one of the best extreme sports to try in Cancun. Get a good handle on your balance as you maneuver the foot-strapped jet pack and float over the waves with grace. Most flyboard outings allow you to fly in the air for 15-20 minutes—just enough time to see the city from a wholly unique view. If parasailing is perfect for Superman, flyboarding is definitely suited for Ironman.

Snorkeling to the Secret Sites



There’s a whole world hiding from sight beneath the water. Throw on a snorkel mask and see Cancun’s secrets for yourself. Dip under the waves close to the shores to spy multi-hued fish, or paddle to the Puerto Morelos area and see the unspoiled sea gardens. You can also swim around Cancun, keeping your eyes out for pristine coral reefs, schools of darting fishes, and even sea turtles floating along the currents.

Cancun is a magical place, with storybook weather and pristine sights. Experience the best of the area with some outdoor sports sure to awe and thrill.

What outdoor sport are you most looking forward to trying in Cancun?