This spring we travelled to Puerto Vallarta for the first time. I have to admit, this trip was long overdue, as we’ve been talking about going for countless years. I know many people that visit Puerto Vallarta annually, their experiences and faithful returns have convinced me that this destination is one not to be missed.

Puerto Vallarta tips

Fast forward to our return, and I can honestly say that I very much liked Puerto Vallarta and definitely understand the appeal. As a western Canadian, it’s a shorter flight than many other options, it’s reasonably priced, and the area is stocked full with culture.

One of our goals for our first trip was to leave our Puerto Vallarta resort and take in a day downtown. When travelling, we always try and venture away from our gated accommodations, to experience the essence of the destination. For a day of fun, new experiences, new sights and great photo opportunities – Puerto Vallarta left a mark on this Canadian indeed. As much as we see, I always want to see more and do more.

Tips for Taking in Puerto Vallarta

In fact, our first trip in the quest of learning why the area has so many repeat visitors actually created one – I cannot wait to return to Puerto Vallarta!

Heading there yourself? Here’s are my tips for taking in Puerto Vallarta:

Simply stroll around! There’s plenty of shops and stores, colonial houses and buildings, street artists and vendors. Everything around you will be vividly coloured with a new sight to see at every turn.

Tips Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a cultural treat so make sure you set aside time to just wander aimlessly.

We took the pubic bus to and from our resort, a cheaper option than cabs for our family of five. Not only was it a new experience (and fun!), but we also met new people as well. On one of our rides, a musician boarded the bus and played everyone a folk song. That experience alone was well worth the couple of dollars for fare.

Hit the boardwalk! It’s a typical place to visit, yet the view is amazing and deserves to be admired.  There are a ton of photo opportunities so stop often!

Have you ever been to Puerto Vallarta?

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