Things You Find in Paris, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, and Tokyo

4 Continents, 4 cities, 300 objects

A city is made of many things. When you dream of Paris you think croissants, good wine and the Moulin Rouge. When you fantasise Tokyo you visualise sushi, technology and paper lanterns.

In order to bring the idea of the material identification of place to life, Photographic Poster Artist Jordan Bolton, based in Manchester, England, has desgined four unique posters depicting four iconic cities: San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Paris and Tokyo.

Through extensive research, he selected objects that represent the life, soul and heartbeat of these vibrant cities. Using white plasticine, he made miniature versions of the objects and painted each one, then placed each of them on coloured card, and photographed them from above.

The end result gives us four posters that are a treat for the eyes.




We’re about ready to pack our bags and plane hop across the four continents after seeing these. If you’re inspired to do the same, see how many of the objects you spot when touring these fabulous world cities.

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