The Great Summer Road Trip


There is nothing like a road trip. At a time when our control over travel is being limited with baggage restrictions, flight changes and soaring fares, the ability to simply hop in your vehicle and take to the open road is more luxurious than ever.

Just you, the ones you love and a wealth of drivable destinations to choose from all calling you forward into your next big adventure.

I’ve long loved road trips with my family. When my kids were younger the trips were shorter. Now at age 13 and 10, they’ve graduated into fantastic roadtrippers who are as involved in planning our adventures as my husband and I.

We’re excited to announce that in celebration of the summer travel season, has partnered with Canadian family travel blogger Heather Greenwood Davis, known internationally as Globetrotting Mama.

On July 5, Heather and her family embarked on a 30-day road trip across North America to show Canadians how they can make the most of their summer travel. Heather’s family is using mobile products on their phone, tablet and Apple Watch throughout their journey to book and manage the ultimate family road trip on-the-fly.

By booking with the free Expedia app, Heather and her family will get access to exclusive deals, like saving as much as 40% off their room nights and earning up to three times the Expedia+ points on their bookings!

We hope you’ll follow along on Twitter #ExpediaRoadTrip and @ExpediaCA and don’t forget to click on the destinations below for Heather’s tips on family road trips and more!

    Read about Heather’s 5 steps to the perfect road trip! And read the progress of her trip here:

    Part 1: The Basics

    Part 2: What to Pack

    Part 3: Where to Go

    Part 4: The Journey

    Part 5: Learn from My Road Trip Mistakes

    Happy Road Tripping!

    We hope this guide has inspired you to start planning your own road trip adventure.  I can’t promise the weather will always be perfect or that there won’t be testy moments when personalities in small spaces clash but I can promise you that you’ll come out of the experience with incredible memories and inside jokes you’ll share for years to come.

    Wishing you roads that take you to unexpected experiences and incredible views,

    -Heather Greenwood Davis

    About the Author
    Heather Greenwood Davis is a former lawyer turned multiple award-winning journalist and feature writer. Her columns and feature articles have appeared for more than 20 years in newspapers, magazines and online publications around the world including O Magazine, National Geographic Traveler (where she is the Family Time columnist), USA Today, The Travel Channel, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, Today’s Parent, Canadian Living and more. In 2011, she and her husband Ish pulled their two sons under the age of 10 out of school and travelled the world non-stop for a year. The family visited 29 countries on six continents sharing the inspiring journey via social media and traditional media channels along the way. The trip earned the family National Geographic Traveler Magazine’s inaugural “Traveler of the Year” moniker. Heather’s blog,, continues to detail the family’s travels including their recent 30-day Road trip with (#ExpediaRoadTrip). In addition to print and online publications, you’ll find Heather on TV sharing travel and parenting insights with CanadaAM, The Social, The Marilyn Denis show, CityLine and more. When not traveling you can find her plotting out her next adventure, while dodging her kids’ Minecraft requests and figuring out how to get her husband more holiday time.

    You can also find her online:
    Twitter – @greenwooddavis
    Instagram @heathergd


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