Solo travel on the rise

According to the 2015 Visa Global Travel Intentions Study, 24 percent of people decided to go it alone on their most recent vacation abroad. This is up from 15 percent in 2013. The survey's respondents were from 25 countries, so the trend isn't confined to one area. It seems that solo travel is gaining ground, especially among first-time travelers, 37 percent of whom decided to go alone. The study also noted not everyone who travels alone is single – people who take solo trips are just as likely to be married or in a partnership and travelling without their spouses.

"Many people seem to think that solo travellers are single people, with many or most looking for love," Priscilla O'Reilly, spokeswoman for Overseas Adventure Travel, told The New York Times. "That's not the case with our travellers."

While solo travel has traditionally come with fees, particularly for experiences that are priced out according to double occupancy, many travel companies are changing their tune as travelling alone becomes more commonplace. These new accommodations may make solo travel even more appealing, according to the Times.

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