The beach is a great idea at this time of year!

Mexico. The Caribbean. Anywhere where there’s heat and sun.

But what if you’re like more than half of adult Canadians who are now single? And what if, as the Flip Flop Report suggests, you’re one of the two thirds of Canadians who will take a beach vacation in the coming months? Well, you just might be flying south to the beach alone.

So, whether you’re going to Mexico (the top beach destination for Canadians) or seeking any other beach holiday (search for your perfect beach vacation here), here are tips for safely enjoying the beach solo.

View of the beach at Cancun.

  1. Don’t leave valuables on the beach. Try to avoid bringing valuables to the beach in the first place but, if you do, also bring a small waterproof bag with a lanyard on it. It can fit your room key, credit card, money, and even a small digital camera or phone. Wear it around your neck when you go swimming.
  2. Your book is for more than reading. If all you’re bringing to the beach is your room key, a bit of money, and a towel, add a book to the list. Stash your room key and a few bills in the book. This way you can go swimming with little concern about losing valuables and nothing around your neck.
  3. Bring spray-on sunscreen. Get great coverage with spray-on sunscreen without the assistance of others.
  4. Connect with new friends by taking a course. The Flip Flop Report also says that half of Canadians are more adventurous on a beach holiday. For solo travellers, being adventurous is a great opportunity to learn something new while meeting people. Try windsurfing or snorkelling or the new sport of snuba which combines both snorkel and scuba diving.
  5. Be mindful that some friendly people should be avoided. There is an old trick of throwing a Frisbee in your direction intentionally to have an opportunity to, seemingly, accidentally get to know you. Be careful of who you get to know and where you let that relationship go. Always stay in a public place with new friends.
  6. Drink lots of water. Being sick on a solo vacation is far worse than being sick when you’re with others. Drink lots of water to avoid sunstroke.
  7. Check on beach dangers before going in the water. Some beaches are more prone to rip tides than others. Before heading to the beach ask whether there is anything to be concerned about or if there are better times of the day to go.
  8. Bed or Umbrella. Get to the beach early and nab a coveted cabana bed or hire an umbrella and lounge. Soak up as much luxury as possible while being protected from the sun.

Going to the beach solo can be incredibly peaceful or fun and social. Read a book or take on the adventure. It’s up to you. Whatever your choice, the beach is a great destination for a solo traveller.

What’s your best tip for going to the beach alone?

What are your favourite beach destinations?

Get a cabana bed and really relax.