What’s the last place that gave you goosebumps? This is the question we asked 1,200 Canadians as part of our Travel Sensations series. Some answers called out specific points of interest, others noted certain regions, and we saw a healthy mix of thrilling, scary, cold, and breathtakingly beautiful places.

For a quick guide, we assigned each destination categories based on the type of chills you can expect:

  • Scary 😱
  • Exhilarating 🎢
  • Beautiful 🏞
  • Cold
  • Mysterious 🔮

These are the top places around the country that will give you goosebumps!


Ancaster, ON

🔮 🏞

A doomed romance, a former mansion reduced to ruins, and a fire that licked the walls and nearly destroyed a family’s legacy all make The Hermitage a truly spooky, haunted attraction in Ontario (plus, it was mentioned by name in our survey). Sign up with Ghost Walks to tour the property for the chance to catch a specter. For a different type of thrill, leave the ruins and make a stop at Tiffany Falls. The waterfall has an ethereal look in winter.


Tungsten, NT

🎢 🏞 ❄

The 600-meter sheer cliff in the Cirque of the Unclimbables is a beast, yet Lotus Flower Tower is still a rock climber’s dream destination. Travel to Tungsten to find the starting point of the nearly impossible mountain. You’ll find most climbers along The Great Line, and the name is accurate: The views from up here are truly awe-inspiring and will leave the little hairs standing up on your arms.


Hafford, SK


Witchcraft? UFOs? Spooky forces? Something in Hafford twists the trees in unnatural shapes. The Crooked Bush is a remarkable site, and has a quiet, seemingly haunted trail along the strange vegetation. These aspen trees do not grow toward the sunlight, but curl sideways and down. Take a stroll past the branches and try not to let the chills race down your spine.


Dorion, ON

🎢 🏞

Do you have nerves of steel? Because we have a feeling you might experience some goosebumps when you’re walking across the largest suspension bridge in the country. Recommended in our survey, the Eagle Canyon Suspension Bridge spans over 180 meters across a gut-dropping fall. Plus, Eagle Canyon Adventures hosts one of the longest and highest ziplines in the country alongside it.


St. Louis, SK


Make a trip to Saskatchewan and keep your eyes open for the legendary St. Louis Ghost Train. The story goes: One day, a rail employee was walking on the tracks when he was hit by a train and lost his head. These days, mysterious lights float near the now-closed tracks, which is said to be the ghost, looking for his head. Prepare for the hairs to stand up on your neck if you see them. For more historic sights, take a drive along the South Saskatchewan River to nearby Batoche National Historic Site, where you can see markers and plaques near the former battle site.


Vaughan, ON


Do you have what it takes to ride the tallest, fastest, and arguably, the scariest roller coaster in the country? Make a trip to Vaughan, where you’ll find Canada’s Wonderland (mentioned by name in our poll) and the coaster named Leviathan. It goes 148 km/h, with 80-degree drops, and heights 93 meters in the air. If you don’t want to leave the area without a few more thrills, just head to Reptilia, a zoo dedicated to reptiles and creepy crawlers.


Glenboro, MB

🏞 🔮

There’s a place that can easily leave you confused, delighted, and full of wonder all at once. We’re talking about Spruce Woods Provincial Park, with the Spirit Sands and Devil’s Punch Bowl trails. The Spirit Sands are the only sand dunes in the province, with jutted-out wooden planks as you ascend the sandy tops. The Devil’s Punch Bowl, however, is full of greenery, including a yellow-green lake. You can’t help but feel goosebumps from the strange beauty of it all. And if you want to keep exploring, just say hello to Sara the Camel when you’re on a Glenboro Walking Tour (you can pick up handy maps at the village office).


Alert, NU

If you ever had a question of how hardcore Canadians are, consider this: The Northern-most permanently inhabited place in the world is Alert, Nunavut. The people here are called the “Frozen Chosen” and most of them work for the military or environmental groups. Fun fact: The winter temperatures can dip down to -40 C. You can expect more goosebumps than residents around here.


Labrador City, NL

🏞 🔮

When you’re on a road so quiet and desolate that the slightest movement causes you goosebumps, you’ll know you’re driving along Canada’s Loneliest Road, the Trans-Labrador Highway. Where does this eerie route start? In Labrador City. Breathtaking and uneasy, this route isn’t like anywhere else. If you prefer the bipedal side of life, hiking trails around here are also thrill-worthy. Take a stroll along Tanya Walking Trail or Menihek Walking Trail for top views.


Montreal, QC

🏞 😱

Oh my, Montreal is giving people goosebumps left and right given how many times it came up in the survey. There is, of course, the unspeakable beauty of the place, with sites like the Montreal Botanical Garden and murals around Saint-Laurent Street. And then there are the ghosts. This is, after all, one of the most haunted places in Canada. When you take a tour with Haunted Montreal Ghost Tours, you’ll get to know local spooky stories like the funeral home that was turned into a downtown nightclub and the rattled tomb of Simon McTavish.

Have you ever been somewhere so beautiful or scary it gave you goosebumps? Comment below, share your stories with the hashtag #CometoYourSenses, and remember to tag @expediaca!

Header image via: Artem novichenko/Shutterstock.com