Los Cabos

City of Los Cabos

From movie stars to spring breakers, Los Cabos is considered a paradise to all who enter. For decades, this tropical destination has served as a sandy nirvana for millions of travellers from all over the world. Good weather, warm water, a lively club scene, salty foods, easy island living—What are you waiting for? Pack those swim trunks and come for a visit!


For most of its history, the Los Cabos area was considered a quiet fishing locale, and later, a haven for pirates. After World War II, travellers started to migrate south for vacation and eventually stumbled upon Los Cabos. Soon, it became the playground of famous names such as Bing Crosby and John Wayne. Eventually, hotels began to dot the shorelines and the area became a glittering jewel in Mexico.


Where is Los Cabos? The area is situated on the tip of the Baja California peninsula and is surrounded by ocean waves. There are three districts that make up the region: Cabo San Lucas (the main city), Los Cabos Corridor (where most of the golf courses and resorts are located), and San Jose Del Cabo (considered the “Old Town”).


Los Cabos weather falls under the “tropical desert” category, as it gets very warm but experiences little rainfall. The area only sees about 17-25 cm of rain a year, with a mild wet season between July and September. It’s estimated that there are roughly 300-350 sunny days a year. Average temperatures linger around 25 Celsius, with the cool Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez nearby when you need a break from the warm Cabo weather. Needless to say, you can usually count on Los Cabos and Cabo San Lucas weather to stay comfortable your whole trip.

Fun Facts

Spanish is the official language of the region, but English is extremely common. It’s not too difficult to get by without knowing the Spanish language, but it’s always nice if you learn a few common phrases if you venture outside of the non-tourist areas.

The Sea of Cortez, located on the east side of the peninsula, is the world’s youngest sea. It’s also one of the most eco-diverse, and a favourite of mating whales.

Speaking of the ocean, Cabo San Lucas hosts one of the globe’s highest paying marlin tournaments. Get out your rod and reel in glory.

Los Cabos is the place of dreams. It doesn’t matter if your dreams include fishing, clubbing, or tanning, this island paradise is everything you could want in a vacation.

How to Get Around Los Cabos

You have your bags packed, your sun hat firmly in place, and you’re more than ready to get your Los Cabos vacation off to a flying start. Here are some of the easiest ways to enter the area and get around the cities.


Most travellers arrive to the Baja peninsula by plane, which is why you’ll find cheap deals on flights to Cabo San Lucas and the surrounding areas. You’re only a quick bus or taxi ride to the beach when your flight to Cabo lands at the Los Cabos International Airport, as it’s located just 14 km north of San Jose del Cabo and 50 km from Cabo San Lucas. If needed, there are money exchange stations within the terminal, along with fast food eateries, if you’re hungry after travelling. One thing you’ll notice as you walk around the airport is that it’s on the smaller side, which makes it easy to find the international terminal when boarding your return flight from the Los Cabos (SJD) Airport.

After picking up your suitcase in baggage claim, you have a number of transportation options. One of the easiest is an airport shuttle that takes you directly to your hotel. Be advised: You often have to schedule and pay for these pick-ups in advance.


One of the best options to get around town is taking a Subur Cabos. These buses drive on the main stretch of road between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, but unlike buses with designated stops, the Subur Cabos stops whenever you like. This makes it the cheapest ride with the most amount of freedom.

The Subur bus line  runs every 15 minutes from 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Subur buses make stops in Cabo San Lucas, as well as the airport, if you need transportation after your Cabo San Lucas flight. The bus line will also drop you off at the Corridor beaches, if you request it when you first board.

Rental Car

Picking up a car rental in Los Cabos is the most convenient means to get from the major hot spots of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, which are 33 km apart. The main road is Federal Highway 1 (also called Carretera Transpeninsular), and stretches the entire length of the Baja peninsula. While the Los Cabos area is English-friendly, the road signs will be in Spanish, so brush up on some simple highway language before you arrive. You’ll also want to keep a sharp eye out once you’re driving within the cities. Many of the streets in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo are one-way avenues.

When you arrive by wings and travel by wheels, it’s easy to get around Los Cabos. Explore your options and save on transportation once you arrive.

Los Cabos Nightlife

Cabos by night

Cabos by night

There aren’t many places where the night is just as vibrant as the day, but then again, Los Cabos isn’t most places. After an afternoon of getting a nice golden tan, why not show it off at one of the hottest night clubs in town? Here are some of the most popular spots in the Los Cabos nightlife scene.

Cabo Wabo Cantina

When it comes to Cabo bars, start at the original party cantina: Cabo Wabo. Created by rocker Sammy Hagar, the venue is known for its daily entertainment. Everyone from big name acts to local musicians play on stage, with the thunderous sounds and beats going on long into the night. It’s recommended you arrive by 9 p.m., as most shows start around 10 p.m., and you’ll want a good spot in the crowd. Plus, the food at Cabo Wabo is worth checking out. Fill up on some coconut shrimp, lobster burritos, and chipotle rib-eye before imbibing on some famous Baja margaritas and taking in a live show.

Passion Club & Lounge

Considered the flashiest and most trendy club of Cabo San Lucas nightlife, Passion Club & Lounge is not to be missed. Plush pink pillows line lush cushioned seats around the club, but you might not see a lot of people sitting down. Some of the top DJs play here, and it’s always a dance party once a few beats float into the air. Come over on Ladies’ Night Thursdays, Thank God It’s Friday nights and Top 40 Saturdays.

Pink Kitty Nightclub

If you’re looking for fishnet stockings, popping corks, and light shows, Pink Kitty is your home. The venue has a distinct boudoir style, with leather seats, blown-glass chandeliers, and an all-female staff. The drinks here are elegant and Instagram-worthy, and the music often includes world-famous DJs. Needless to say, the Cabo nightlife at Pink Kitty is wild, loud, and far more of a confident roar than a demure meow.

The Giggling Marlin Bar & Grille

Maybe it’s the name that puts people in a good mood, but there’s just something fun about the Giggling Marlin Bar & Grille. The drinks are strong, the patrons are friendly, and it’s quite possibly the only bar with an ‘Are You Well Hung’ photo booth, which features a giant marlin hoisting a fishing pole with a bar patron hung up by a cord as the marlin’s catch.

Los Cabos nightlife: It’s a little loud, a little colorful, and a ton of fun.

Los Cabos Sports Scene

While Los Cabos isn’t home to any major professional sports teams, the southern tip of Baja California boasts countless recreational activities on and off the shore. This tropical destination gives you the opportunity to swing like a pro on the oceanfront greens and reel in a big one on the Sea of Cortez. While vacationing in this tropical hot spot, slather on some sunscreen, and get ready for some action.


The fish are always biting in Los Cabos! Sometimes called the Marlin Capital of the World, Cabo is home to a variety of marlin, swordfish, grouper, wahoo, and other big game. With a year-round Cabo fishing season and charters heading out to sea every day, it’s no wonder sport fishermen flock to this region. For some of the best fishing in Cabo San Lucas, head to Marina Cabo San Lucas and find a guide eager to offer you a charter with hooks, poles, and bait.


Just because no score is kept, it doesn’t mean Los Cabos snorkeling is any less a sport. Slip into some fins, grab a snorkel mask, and get ready for a show. Cabo waters are home to a variety of tropical fish, from angel fish to parrotfish. Lover’s Beach, Santa Maria Beach, and Chileno Beach are popular snorkeling areas, boasting calm waters and good visibility. Also paddle around Pelican Rock, where you’ll find schools of spotted boxfish, Moorish idol, barberfish, and more.

Scuba Diving

Dive a little deeper with a Los Cabos scuba diving excursion. There are a number of tour companies that take divers out to sites where the blue water is teeming with marine life. It’s not uncommon to see manta rays, moray eels, and slipper lobsters. Some even encounter whale sharks, whales, and sea lions. Venture around the shipwreck at Land’s End, the coral reefs at Neptune’s Finger, and the cliff at Middle Wall to witness fascinating life below the surface.


It’s not all about the watersports in this beach town. In fact, the Los Cabos golf resorts are a major attraction where golfers can tee up under the Mexican sun all year round. Hit the links at Cabo del Sol Ocean Course, with sweeping views of the Sea of Cortez, or putt along the 27 holes at Palmilla Golf Club for a more desert vibe. From Club Campestre San Jose to Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort, you’ll find a number of golf packages and challenging greens scattered along the coastline.

While you may not find any football or hockey games going on in Los Cabos, you will come across a variety of recreational activities on both dry land and high sea. During your next romp in Baja, feel your heart race as a marlin tugs on your line, marvel as a pufferfish floats by, and beat your lowest golf score yet.

Most Popular Parks Around Los Cabos

Los Cabos offers more than beaches and nightclubs. When you’re looking to explore the secrets of the landscape, enter any of these top parks in Los Cabos and enjoy a whole new world.

Desert Park Natural Reserve

The ATV rumbles and roars, and you find yourself going rapid speeds through the hot desert lands. You’re in the Desert Park Natural Reserve of Los Cabos, and your vehicle is taking you past gnarled trees, steep rock faces, and roasted earth. If you prefer a more leisurely pace, take up some mountain biking through the area. Ride through the bike circuit, past spiky cacti and other flora and fauna. All trails are clearly marked, so you can enjoy the sense of solitude while easily finding your way to the exits.

El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve

There aren’t many places where you can find both cacti and the sea in the same place, but Mexico is full of surprises. Check out El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve, a Los Cabos park that houses diverse ecosystems. It’s located between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, with tons of cave paintings, mountain ranges, and thorny vegetation. In 1993, UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site, in part because of its contrasting landscape. Keep your eye out for lagoons, dunes, swamps, beaches, and deserts. With such an array, it’s no wonder you can see everything from desert bighorn sheep and foxes, to sea lions while walking through.

Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park

If you’re looking for a day trip, look no further than Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park. Located roughly 95 km from Los Cabos, the beach area stretches through mountain passes and cradles three living reefs (including the only hard coral reef in Mexico). Keep your eyes open for turtles and other sea life while you’re there. If you want to roam around the park before everyone else arrives, you can find several hotels near Cabo Pulmo National Park, so you’re already there come morning.

Parque Acuatico

What’s a Los Cabos vacation without a trip to the water park? Make a day trip to Parque Acuatico, located 45 minutes outside of Cabo San Lucas, and one of the most popular water parks in Los Cabos. There are a number of twisty slides, floating pools, and even a mock pirate ship. Special kid slides and pools are on hand if you brought the little ones in tow.

When you’re ready to experience everything Los Cabos parks have to offer, prepare for a good time you’ll never forget.

Most Popular Beaches in Los Cabos

A trip to Mexico isn’t complete without a day on the beach. Grab your umbrella, sandals, and sunscreen, and make your way to any of these top Los Cabos beaches.

  • Los Cabos Beach

Medano Beach

If you’re staying in Los Cabos, there’s a good chance you’re steps away from Medano Beach. Many of the top hotels are situated along this stretch of sand. Considered a local hot spot, it’s easy to find a wealth of bars, restaurants, and street cart vendors selling their wares along the way. Compared to the other beaches in La Paz, Baja California, this one is definitely the most active with travellers.

Lover’s Beach

Los Cabos the Arch

Los Cabos the Arch

With a name like this, it’s no wonder it’s world famous. Playa del Amor, or Lover’s Beach, is one of the most popular sandy stretches in Los Cabos. Lover’s Beach is only accessible by water taxi, giving it a secluded ambience. You won’t find your usual amenities, so be sure to pack a towel and some snorkel gear; the waters are clear enough to see an array of colourful fish swimming beneath the waves.

Chileno Beach

Sometimes you’re lucky enough to stumble upon a beach that has everything you could ever ask for. This is what Chileno Beach is all about. There’s a natural reef under the waves, with snorkelling equipment close at hand. Once you’re out of the water, there are shady palapas to relax under on hot afternoons. You can also find tide pools, which are perfect for younger kids to play in. And, most importantly, there are plentiful bathroom facilities close to the shore.

Palmilla Beach

Oars and surf boards don’t seem to go together, but they do when you test out some paddle boarding. At Palmilla Beach (Playa Palmilla), the waters offer the perfect balance of waves for sports, while the sea stays calm enough for swimming. This is also a good point to watch boats bob from the shore to the ocean, as many fishing vessels launch from this particular beach.

Get a tan and enjoy the view at your pick of Cabo San Lucas beaches and Los Cabos beaches as a whole.

Where to Shop in Los Cabos

Los Cabos Shopping

Los Cabos Shopping

You don’t have to settle for cheap souvenirs when you visit Los Cabos. This is an area full of luxury stores, bargain gems, and everything in between. Here are some of the best spots for shopping in Los Cabos.

Luxury Avenue

Close to the sea and resorts, Luxury Avenue is a playground for shoppers looking for fine goods. The indoor mall features top names in fashion and prices that are worth splurging on. Waft in and out of glittering stores such as Burberry, Cartier, Fendi, and Ferragamo, just to name a few of the famous brands dotting the aisles. The mall is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day.

Puerto Paraiso Mall

Make shopping a family affair with a visit to Puerto Paraiso Mall. The downtown mall is three-stories high, with a bowling alley, 10-theatre cinema, restaurants, and, of course, several clothing stores rife with deals. You can also find a ton of authentic Mexican décor pieces, if you want to take a few items home. It’s Cabo San Lucas shopping you can’t find anywhere else.

Aramburo Super Market

Forgot sunscreen? Need some cash? Don’t want to leave the hotel without some snacks? Aramburo Super Market has all your basic shopping needs covered. The plaza includes a bank, dry cleaner, grocery store, and pharmacy for any of the small things you might need on your trip. There are also a few swim suit shops and clothing stores, so you can find some beach wares before hitting the sand.

Plaza Artesanos

What’s a vacation without a suitcase full of unique souvenirs to bring home? Make a stop at Plaza Artesanos, where you will find nearly three dozen stalls full of handcrafted pottery, jewelry, bags, and blankets. Word to the wise: Feel free to barter. This is the kind of place where you can ask for half the listed price and sellers will inevitably meet you in the middle. Luckily, there are usually a ton of hotels near shopping areas in Los Cabos, so you can bring your bags of treasure back to the resort with ease.

Shopping in Cabo San Lucas is an adventure in and of itself. Enjoy hunting down the best deals on clothes, jewels, and gifts, and keep your eyes open for your next “treat yourself” item!

Restaurants in Los Cabos

Los Cabos Golf Resort

Los Cabos Golf Resort

Located by the ocean and situated on the tip of Baja California Sur, Los Cabos boasts menus rich in seafood options and spicy Latin flavours. Here are some of the best dishes to try during your vacation in the sandy region.

Chocolate Clams  

Given the proximity to the sea, it’s no surprise that clams are a favourite snack here. There are two popular ways of enjoying local chocolate clams, which are named for their brown shells: One, the clams are collected and cooked in a stone bed and covered by the tart and salty romerito herb. Once the herb is completely charred, the clams are taken out of the heat and consumed. Two, the clams are served live with a squirt of lime. No matter the preparation style, you can consider it a one-two punch to the taste buds.

Fish Tacos

Everyone loves a good fish taco, so why not enjoy one in their home country? Get your palate ready for salty fish, al dente corn tortillas, and sweet white cream sauce. For a real delicacy, try out some smoked marlin tacos in a Cabo San Lucas restaurant overlooking the waves. The regional flavors of the Pacific Ocean aren’t like anywhere else.


There are dozens of ways to cook shrimp, and all of them are winners. Luckily, you can find shrimp in just about every style and fashion in Los Cabos. Order them cold in a cocktail, fried in coconut, bathed in butter and spices, or stuffed inside an avocado. There’s really no bad way to chow down on those little suckers.


Tamales are one of those dishes that can appear on the menus of top restaurants in Cabo San Lucas while also being served from a local street cart. Tamales can be composed of meat, cheese, chilies, or vegetables stuffed inside masa, a starchy corn dough, and then wrapped in a leaf and cooked. You can enjoy everything from pork and beef to chicken and vegan options inside of the crisped husks. Depending on the Cabo restaurant, you can also find specialty tamales, with sweets like guava and cream cheese oozing from masa.

Your belly is on vacation just like the rest of you. Give it a treat with any of these Los Cabos delicacies.

Where to Stay in Los Cabos

What’s a vacation without a perfect hotel to match? In the land of surf, sea, and relaxation, don’t settle for anything less than an ideal spot to rest your head. Here are some of the best hotels in San Jose del Cabo, hotels in the Tourist Corridor, and resorts around the rest of Los Cabos.

  • Cabo Surf Hotel

Esperanza Resort

Luxury is a must when you’re on a vacation in Mexico, so consider a stay at the Esperanza Resort. The hotel has a distinct bungalow feel, with thatched roofs, wicker décor, and bright white linens. The hotel also offers a few extra perks compared to other lodging options. Sign up for yoga classes, take a dip in the infinity pool, or walk around the sculpture garden. It’s the kind of resort that’s nearly a vacation in and of itself.

Esperanza Resort Los Cabos

Esperanza Resort Los Cabos

One & Only Palmilla

There’s a reason that One & Only Palmilla is routinely named as one of the best Los Cabos resorts. The hotel features several tiki-inspired lounges right on the water, along with a glamourous pool and ocean views. For amenities, don’t miss out on Mayan deep tissue massages at the in-house spa, or a good game of golf on the 27-hole green. It’s the kind of place to wake up both relaxed and inspired by whatever the day has to bring.

Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf and Spa Resort

Regarded as one of the top Cabo luxury resorts, Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf and Spa Resort offers an upscale experience for visitors. Bring those clubs and irons, as the hotel’s Jack Nicklaus-designed course offers a healthy challenge for golfers. The green is surrounded by dunes, foothills, and granite cliffs overlooking the peaceful sea. For those looking for pampering, the spa offers everything from massage therapies to fitness equipment to salon menus. Additionally, the hotel is only a few kilometers from downtown Cabo San Lucas, so you’re close to the action once you’re ready to leave the resort.

  • Alegranza Luxury Resort

Hacienda Beach Club and Residences

For a Los Cabos hotel with a little bit of everything, you can’t go wrong with Hacienda Beach Club and Residences. It’s got an inviting style that’s warm enough for a family vacation, chic enough for a couples’ trip, and relaxing enough for a solo retreat. The open villas look out to the ocean, letting you experience Los Cabos even when you’re sitting inside on your couch.

Hacienda Beach Club

Hacienda Beach Club

When you’re ready to vacation in Mexico, don’t settle for any hotel; try out one of the top resorts in Los Cabos. Give yourself the luxury vacation you deserve.

Hacienda Beach Club

Hacienda Beach Club

Los Cabos Organized Tours & Trips

Let’s be honest; most people come to Mexico looking for a little rum in their coconut and a lot of sunshine on the beach. But there’s a lot more to do on the coast than that. Here are some of the best Los Cabos tours to take on your trip.

Waterfalls and Canyons

There’s plenty to explore in Baja if you’re willing to put on some comfortable hiking shoes. Consider signing up for a tour that winds through Baja’s waterfalls and canyons. The hired guides often tell stories of the region’s natural history and specific features of the land. There are about seven different micro-climates in Los Cabos and all are worth checking out. Experience the deserts, wetlands, and coastline, and see what the quiet side of Mexico is all about.

Kayak and Snorkel Tour

Under the ocean and through the waves, see a different side of Los Cabos on a kayak and snorkel tour. Swim around the coral reefs in Chileno Bay, glide through the Sea of Cortez, and take a kayak around Santa Maria Bay. You’ll also want to keep your eyes open for the marine life in Twin Dolphin Bay, where there’s a magnitude of colorful fins in the blue sea.

Mountain Bike Tour

If the only desert you’ve ever cycled through was a deserted suburb street, it’s time to sign up for a mountain bike adventure tour in Los Cabos. Ride through the landscape of Rancho San Cristobal Protected Reserve, keep your eyes open for roadrunners and spiny cacti, and let the bright sun warm your skin as you circle the trails.

Sunset Diner Cruise

The best romance includes a side of tacos. Sign up for a Los Cabos sunset dinner cruise. Many of these cruise lines offer all-you-can-eat-buffets as you watch the sun set over Lover’s Beach and the Arch. Of course, what’s a Cabo San Lucas tour without few sweet drinks? Many of these boat excursions include free-flowing pina coladas so you can toast to a weekend well spent.

Whether you go on a La Paz City tour, a Los Cabos city tour, or anything in between, there are always ways to see a side of the region away from the tourist lights.

 What to See in Los Cabos

There’s more to see in Los Cabos than tipsy undergrads. Spend your vacation in Mexico with eyes wide open. Here are some of the prettiest Los Cabos attractions.

Arch of Cabo San Lucas

There are some sites that need no introduction, and the Arch of Cabo San Lucas fits the description perfectly. The pale sand-coloured rock formation is one of the most famous landmarks in Mexico. Situated on the southern tip of Baja California, the graceful arch is a popular place for sunset photos and marriage proposals.

Music and Nightlife

Be honest: How many times have you played “Cabo Wabo” by Van Halen on vacation? Well, come see what’s regarded as one of the top night clubs in Los Cabos. That’s right: Cabo Wabo. Come in for the food, cerveza, and plenty of old school rock songs playing into the wee hours of the morning.

Whale Watching

Get to know the mystic creatures up close and personal with a whale tour, one of the top Cabo San Lucas attractions. Whale watching occurs between November and April, though the exact dates are never finite. We’ll spare you the “whale of a time” puns. Just go. The view is totally worth it.

Lover’s Beach

If you’re looking for a secluded beach for a smooch with your partner, this is not the beach for privacy. But that’s ok! Lover’s Beach, called Playa del Amor in Spanish, is still regarded as one of the loveliest shores in the region. For something more secluded, walk a little further to Divorce Beach (or the Conscious Uncoupling Beach, depending on which circles you hang with). It gets its name from the choppy water, not the feeling of separation.


When you’re in Mexico, there’s no need to spend an arm and a leg to experience some of the most beautiful sites in the area. Find yourself at Sebastian Vizcaino Bay or Sierra de Juarez for a rugged landscape to complement the soft yellow rays.

Come visit the many Cabo attractions. See the arches, see the sights, see the sea. Whatever you want, it’s ready for you.

Things to do in Los Cabos

Once you’ve had some time to settle in and slip into your Bermuda shorts, you’re ready to explore the best that Mexico has to offer. Whether you want to dive with dolphins or zip through jungles, the options are plentiful. Here are some of the top things to do in Los Cabos.

Cabo Dolphins

Humans aren’t the only ones who like splashing in the waters of Mexico. Make a trip to Cabo Dolphins, where you can swim with these finned mammals. A tour package will let you float in the water next to them as you learn various hand signals for tricks. You’ll also learn about their quirks and habits as you feed them lunch. Spoiler: Their food is a little wigglier than your own.

Los Cabos Dolphins

Los Cabos Dolphins

Scuba Diving

Los Cabos is home to warm and clear water, making scuba diving in Los Cabos one of the main attractions. These dives tend to range from 6-12 m in depth and are close to the natural coral reefs. Keep your eyes open for seahorses, pufferfish, turtles, and the occasional octopus as you glide through the waves.

Tank Dive Los Cabos

Tank Dive Los Cabos

Whale Watching

You want to see whales in their natural habitat? Come to Los Cabos in the spring and summer! Sign up for a whale watching tour, which tend to run during mating season between April and September. Once you see the whales’ epic fins and tails, you’ll know why this is regarded as one of the top things to do in Cabo.

Zip Lining

Hold your breath and grab the rope; a zip line tour is the perfect way to see the Los Cabos landscape. The longest line stretches 815 m and flies over 90 m from the ground. Sure, you could see Mexico at a leisurely pace, but a fast-moving zip line in Los Cabos is a unique way to see the various canyons, rock formations, and spiny desert vegetation all at once.

When it comes to things to do in Cabo San Lucas and the Los Cabos region as a whole, the possibilities are endless. See a dolphin, ride a line, and enjoy the view.

Annual Events & Festivals in Los Cabos

There’s never a bad time to visit Los Cabos. With warm weather, boisterous nightlife, and tasty food, every day is paradise in Mexico. If you’re looking for some specific times to visit, circle these Los Cabos events on your calendar.

Todos Santos Music Festival

Many moons ago, Peter Buck of the band R.E.M. discovered the little town of Todos Santos and liked it so much, he quasi-retired here. Not wanting to leave music behind, he started the Todos Santos Music Festival, which focuses on old school rock and local hip-hop. It’s still a small festival that happens each January, but it inspires a strong sense of regional pride in the area.

Mexican Independence Day

Who doesn’t love a giant party? Furthermore, who doesn’t want to celebrate a party in the de facto party zone of Los Cabos? Each September brings the annual Mexico Independence Day festivities. Fireworks boom in the sky, BBQ smoke wafts in the air, and music rings out through the long weekend. It’s a Cabo San Lucas event you won’t want to miss.

Cabo Comedy Festival

If you can’t remember the last time you enjoyed a hearty belly laugh, it’s time to check out the Cabo Comedy Festival that happens each September through October. Some of the biggest names in Mexico and the United States head to paradise to present spot-on jokes you’ll be repeating to your friends back home.

Festival San Jose del Cabo

Honouring the city’s patron saint, San Jose, the Festival del Cabo is an 11-day celebration that happens each March. Carnivals and parades come out in full force, as food venders sell treats like fresh tamales and pumpkin candies throughout the festival. Live music can be found throughout the area as well, along with revelers dancing in the streets.

Events in Cabo San Lucas and the region as a whole are not to be missed. Grab some friends and we’ll see you by the sea!

Los Cabos Trips

Whether you’re in town for a day, weekend, or week, there’s plenty to do in Los Cabos on your vacation. Here’s a quick guide for figuring out the best activities during your trip to Cabo.

Day Trip to Los Cabos

When you only have a day in Los Cabos, it’s important to see the things that truly matter most. Here are the attractions that make Los Cabos the paradise that it is.


Jump right into things by snorkeling in the azure waters of Los Cabos. The natural reefs and colourful fish are all waiting for you to swim on by with your fins in tow.


It’s only right to see the most famous landmark in the region once the sun starts to laze into late afternoon, so make your way to the Arch of Cabo San Lucas. The legendary rock formation has been the site of countless photographs and declarations of love.


Give your dancing feet a party with some nightlife to wrap up your day trip. Venture into Cabo Wabo Cantina for a mix of classic rock and pub food favourites. Or, dress up and enter the hottest club in town: Passion Club & Lounge. Filled with lush pink pillows and booming music, the club is the trendiest place to be after hours.

Weekend Trip to Los Cabos

Los Cabos trips can be squeezed into a weekend as long as you have a plan at hand. Here’s a simple guide for spending a weekend in paradise.


Arrive in town ready to party—just not on an empty stomach. When you’re in Mexico, it’s criminal to miss certain dishes. Give your taste buds a treat by trying chocolate clams. These brown shelled clams are cooked on a stone bed with salty, sour romerito herb and served when all the greens have been charred. And of course, if you’re in Los Cabos, you can’t skip fish tacos. Seasoned fish bathed in crema, served on corn tortillas? Nothing beats it.


Spend your afternoon atop a beast. An ATV, to be specific. Roar through the Desert Park Natural Reserve and zip past the twisty trees, jagged rocks, and baked earth of the desert. The trails are clearly marked so even beginners have an easy time zooming in and out.


Save your Sunday for a good bike ride in the Mexican landscape. Sign up for a mountain bike adventure tour, where you can cruise through Rancho San Cristobal Protected Reserve and spot roadrunners and cacti along the way.

Week Trip to Los Cabos

When you have a week in Los Cabos, there’s plenty of time to enjoy everything Mexico has to offer. Here’s a helpful itinerary for your week in the area.

Day 1

Get into the vacation mindset with a visit to the shore. Lover’s Beach is one of the most popular strands in Los Cabos, as it’s surrounded by calm waves, soft sand, and beautiful sights.

Day 2

It’s not a Los Cabos vacation without a swim with the dolphins, right? Make a jaunt to Cabo Dolphins, where you can swim with the majestic animals. The tour package allows you to feed the dolphins while learning a few hand signals for tricks.

Day 3

Arch your arm back and cast that hook as far as you can into the deep. Los Cabos happens to be the Marlin Capital of the World, with plenty of the spiny fish hiding beneath the surface. There are also swordfish, grouper, and wahoo ready to be caught.

Day 4

Trade in those flip-flops for golf spikes, and hit up a game of golf at Cabo del Sol Ocean Course. The 18-hole course offers a hearty challenge along with sweeping views of the Sea of Cortez. You may also want to give Palmilla Golf Club a try and bask in the desert vibe of the region.

Day 5

Hold your breath and grab the rope; a zip line tour is the perfect way to see the Los Cabos landscape. The longest line in the region stretches 815 m and flies over 90 m from the ground. Just brace yourself before looking down.

Day 6

Slip into your favourite outfit and cut a rug in some of Los Cabos’ most popular clubs. Whether you’re looking for popping corks and light shows at the Pink Kitty Nightclub or strong drinks and old school music at the Giggling Marlin Bar & Grille, this is the city to let loose in.

Day 7

You can’t leave Los Cabos without seeing the most famous landmark of the region. Make a point to witness the Arch of Cabo San Lucas. The rock formation offers some of the most breathtaking photographs in all of Los Cabos and is a beautiful spot to view the sunset over the waves.

Whether your trip to Cabo San Lucas is an all-inclusive week-long getaway or a quiet weekend adventure, there’s a ton to do in Mexico. We’ll see you by the shore!

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From movie stars to spring breakers, Los Cabos is considered a paradise to all who enter. For decades, this tropical destination has served as a sandy nirvana for millions of travellers from all over the world.
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