There are plenty of reasons to visit La Romana. Sun, gorgeous beaches, amazing nightlife, and incredible hotels are just a few of the things on that list. Let’s be honest, though–one of the biggest reasons to pick La Romana is to post Instagram photos sure to make all your friends insanely jealous. Whatever your preferred means of social media, these spots in the Dominican Republic will make your friends–and frenemies–drool with envy.

Build Me a Village, Dad

Arguably the most stunning destination in all of La Romana is Altos de Chavon. This 15th century town sitting on the banks of the Chavon River is a replica of a traditional Italian village, originally built by a prestigious townsman as a present for his daughter. Grab a photo of the sun setting over the colonial buildings for an unforgettable view. Then email it to your Dad and complain that the gift card he gave you last Christmas is looking pretty lame in comparison.

Bring Me a Drink, Cabana Boy!

Minitas is just one of the many stunning beaches in La Romana, but it has a few upscale touches that go a long way toward making the area more appealing to you and your Twitter followers. Imagine a long stretch of gorgeous white sand, clear blue water, and thatched cabana roofs. For a small fee, you can recline in the shade at a private cabana, which comes complete with a private attendant. Try not to make your friends too jealous as you spend the day Snapchatting your attendant bringing you fruity cocktails, the trays of cool towels and flowers, and any tanned abs that just happen to walk past.

Turn the Lights Off and Go Down

Believe it or not, one of the best sights in La Romana is dark, dirty, and underground. The cave system of Cueva de las Maravillas is absolutely breathtaking. Don’t bother taking a picture from the outside because it doesn’t look like much. Inside, however, has an ethereal atmosphere straight out of your favourite science fiction movie. If your goal is to strike up envy among your followers, snap a pic in front of the underwater rivers that flow through the cave. Bonus points if you can snag a duck-faced selfie with the illuminated cave pathways in the background!

Are You a Swinger?

For the ultimate photo in La Romana, you’ll want to head to the Rio Chavon and enlist the help of a quick-fingered photographer. The Rio Chavon is a gorgeous river running through La Romana, and one of the highlights is the series of waterfalls and rope swings available to visitors. As you fly out over the pools of water in front of the stunning waterfall, make sure that someone on dry land captures the memory forever. What could be more carefree than swinging in paradise?

From white sandy beaches to fruity cocktails, there is no end to the images you’ll upload to Instagram while in La Romana. Go on a trip for your pleasure, and snap photos for the peeps stuck back at home to envy.

Featured Image Source: Flickr/Creative Commons/Melodie Mesiano/Via/

Where are you looking forward to taking a selfie in Romana?