The Most Instagram-Worthy Place in Canada

Get those filters ready, because when you’re in Fredericton, you’re in one of the most Instagram-worthy places in Canada. As the capital of New Brunswick, this pretty town has an old-school style that makes for gorgeous pictures.

Perhaps the beauty of the place inspired the Government of Canada to proclaim Fredericton the “Poet Corner of Canada,” in recognition of writers like Bliss Carmen, Charles G.D. Roberts, and Francis Joseph Sherman. Whether you feel like taking photos of your pen and notepad in a quaint café, or want to snap pics of the city from a hike or a sail boat, this town only has flattering angles. Here are some of the most Instagram-worthy spots in Fredericton:

University of New Brunswick – It’s the oldest English-language university in Canada (and one of the oldest public universities in North America). This particular location is a part of the original campus and has been designated as a National Historic Site.

Kayaking on the St. John River – St. John River trivia you might not know: the spot where the river meets the Bay of Fundy feels like the water is flowing backward; the original name of the river was “Wolastoq”; and it’s the international boundary between northern New Brunswick and Maine. Undeniable St. John River fact: It’s a stunning sight for a picture.


New Brunswick Legislative Building – With 50,000 books, this popular Fredericton landmark is just as lovely on the outside as it is on the inside. The building was designed by architect J.C. Dumaresq and completed in 1882. Today, it’s home to the Legislative Assembly.


Running Trails of Fredericton – There are over 80 km of non-motorized multi-use trails in the city, with perfect views of foliage and wildlife. And, if you felt like exploring it with a few new friends, there is even a trail running group in town.


Killarney Lake – You might not need filters when you’re capturing pictures of Killarney Lake. This scenic area includes beaches, benches, and picnic spots for lovely shots of nature looking its finest.

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  1. The St. John river’s original name was “Wolastoq”, which means “good and beautiful river” in the Maliseet language; the Madawaska is a different river which flows into the St. John.

    Nice article otherwise, though – Fredericton is a beautiful place, but then I’m sure local so I might be biased…


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