In the Land of Dancing Feet: Best Nightclubs in Los Cabos

For many of its visitors, a vacation to Cabo is a hedonistic pilgrimage where drinking tequila until dawn and dancing barefoot in the sand are unspoken requirements. The scenic beauty of this party area is simply an accidental perk. If you are ready to put on your dancing shoes and stay out until the wee hours of morning, set the scene for an unforgettable night in these Los Cabos nightclubs:

Shame Celebrities (in a Good Way)

When celebrities like Paris Hilton head to Cabo San Lucas, they often spend at least one late night at El Squid Roe. This club is the ultimate place to let your hair down and act like a rock star, but don’t expect to get behind the velvet rope of the VIP section unless you have the assets to back it up. There are several levels at El Squid Roe, and each plays a different style of music just a little too loud. That’s what it is all about in Cabo, though: living it up, drinking ridiculously cheap shots, and trying to spot an inebriated heiress trip her way out the back entrance.

Rock Out With Your Gawk Out

If you’ve heard of Cabo, then you’ve heard of Cabo Wabo. Owned by Van Halen rocker Sammy Hagar, the music is definitely a little more rock-oriented than El Squid Roe, but the atmosphere is otherwise identical after midnight. Earlier in the evening, nightly live music shows draw a slightly older audience than the normal spring break crowd, but after midnight, the glass slipper is off and the debauchery is revealed. As you’re gawking at the dancing patrons, don’t forget to look for plastic water guns spraying tequila into the crowd. Stick out your tongue to get a cheap buzz on the house.

Have Happy Endings

Thanks to beer pong tables, pool tables, and a few stripper poles, you won’t be blamed if you check for Greek letters at Happy Ending Cantina. Think of it as your frat house: part two. If you’re a sports fan and absolutely need to see who wins the game back home, the Happy Ending Cantina has plenty of big-screen televisions showing live games. After sunset, the music gets loud, the vibe gets amped, and it starts to really feel like a party. Music is Top 40 hits, dress code is bro-chic, and beers are cheap. What more could you need from a club in Cabo?

Stroke the Pink Kitty

Until you step outdoors and feel the Mexican heat, it is hard to tell you’re in Cabo when you’re in the Pink Kitty. This coyly named nightclub has a big city vibe, and feels more like Vegas or New York than Baja. Still, it’s a must if you want late-night clubbing, techno beats, and a cosmopolitan ambience. Drinks aren’t as cheap here as at other clubs, but they make them strong. Plus, Pink Kitty is a major hook-up spot, so you can find your true love–at least for the weekend.

Go Nowhere

Despite the name, The Nowhere Bar is the centre of it all in Cabo San Lucas. The location is right along the water, which lets you soak up views of the ocean as long as you’re still seeing straight. Since the bar offers two-for-one drinks most of the time, double vision is actually more common than you might expect. On Tuesdays, ladies drink free until 10pm, making The Nowhere Bar the hottest place to be in Cabo pre-weekend.

For dancing, drinking, and general decadence, Los Cabos is an unparalleled destination in Mexico. Whether you’re wild about techno and want a chance to don your skimpiest dress, or you want to relive your grungy frat days, these nightclubs will have you saying “Olé”!

 Which style of music gets you on your dancing feet?

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