For a grown-up trip without the kids, Los Angeles is definitely a great choice for those that have always wanted to indulge in all that L.A. has to offer.

From celebrity run-ins and shopping on Rodeo Drive, to the relaxed Cali lifestyle – in Los Angeles you can take in sights, sip some wine, have some fun and just enjoy people-watching!

Grown Ups Weekend in Los Angeles

Walk on the party side with Avalon! Avalon will yank you into the Euro-style party scene, with lasers lining the walls and drinks lining the bar. What happens here stays here, however let the party pictures tell it all!

Want that adult party vibe without the hangover after? Stroll into the enchanting Magic and Wine Tasting with David Minkin. The up close and personal show has dazzled likes of many, including Johnny Depp, who was quoted saying ‘That’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen! Really… that was staggering!’ Take the chance to be astonished!

Just because the kids are away does not mean you shouldn’t let your inner kid loose! Take time for Universal Studios and spend the day in the theme park, reliving some of your best movie moments through rides and Universal films activities. Then ease on down to Universal City Walk filled with shops, clubs, and always a surprise.

Break away from L.A. and immerse yourself in Mediterranean culture at The Getty Villa. Embrace the Gods and Goddess of the Greek and Roman empires through the art collection and peruse the ornate architecture and gardens. Take tea by the sea on a Thursday or Saturday for a taste of yester-century in the recreated Roman gardens and ease back in to your settled down reality.

What’s a weekend in Los Angeles without some of the famed shopping on Rodeo Drive? Yes, yes, go ahead and spoil yourself by strolling down Rodeo Drive even if it’s just to window shop. This two-mile long stretch meets at Sunset Boulevard and offers some of the finest shopping Beverly Hills has to offer! It presents luxury like no other.

Weekend in Los Angeles

Then there is the Golden Triangle which is higher end shopping and the area from Wilshire Boulevard to Santa Monica Boulevard making a triangle around Rodeo Drive. I’ve visited both a couple of times and have always had at least one celebrity spotting.

Why not sit back and be taken to all the sites with a scheduled tour or two. Whether it is the TMZ tour bus or one of the many other famed L.A. tours, just sit back and be a classic tourist with camera in hand.

A trip to Los Angeles cannot be complete without a trip to In and Out Burger, Millions of Milkshakes and the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. These foodie stops are always on my radar each time I visit the area.

What is your favourite thing to do while in L.A.?

A Grown Ups Weekend in Los Angeles