Beach vacations are one of the number one things families plan for each year. Whether you are planning your beach-side escape for a week, or a month – this is one of the best and most popular travel itineraries you’ll find.

Here are what we believe are some of the best 7 Family Friendly Beach Destinations In Florida right now. Not only can you enjoy time with your family, you’ll love the beauty and fun of the beach environment.





Destin: This popular beach destination is one that many families seek out each year. It doesn’t matter whether you are heading out in the late spring, summer or fall. You’ll find all the beautiful clean sand, clear waters and gorgeous sunsets you desire right on this stretch of beach.

Fort Walton Beach: A few miles down the road from Destin, this great Florida beach destination is perfect for those wanting to include more interactive, educational, non-beach fun with the kids. It’s a great place to experience and explore on and off the beach.

Pensacola: This may be one of the more popular beaches in Florida along the panhandle. Not only does it draw the local college crowd, it is definitely one of the premier locations for white sands and family friendly beaches.


Daytona Beach: Whether you want to go off course and hit the speedway, or simply enjoy tons of fun family fun on the beach, Daytona is a popular destination for the whole family. Kids will have fun exploring, and Dad can gear up for the next race while enjoying some sun and drinks on the beach. There’s truly something for everyone at Daytona Beach!

Florida Keys: If you love great tourist locations, the Keys are one place you just have to visit. Of course the area is full of beautiful beaches that are great for swim, surf and play – but the real appeal is the area shops and boardwalk attractions. Key Lime Pie, drinks, desserts, and treats are aplenty in this gorgeous coastal area on the tip of the state.

Bradenton: Featuring Coquina Beach Park, you’ll love this gorgeous beach area and the great offering of sea shells of all colours, shapes, and sizes – so perfect for little fingers to grab and save. This is a fun family-friendly location that offers more than just the standard beach with sand and water. Kids and adults alike will love the ability to explore the sands for their favourite shells.


Clearwater Beach: This popular destination for everyone from college singles to families, holds immense draw every year. Beautiful sandy beaches, clear water, great local food and culture – it has everything you could want for a beach vacation. My kids loved playing in the water, exploring the shore, and laughing at the seagulls trying to score a sandwich from pretty much everyone. It’s a busy beach yet there’s plenty of parking and lots of space.

Beach vacations can be a great fun adventure for the entire family. The warmth, the sun, the water and the sand combine together to create a great relaxing environment that help travellers to forget about work and focus on each other.

Remember if you are visiting any of these family friendly beach destinations in Florida, step away from the beach a bit and check out other great local culture, food and nightlife. From family entertainment to educational landmarks, you will find more than enough to occupy every day of your Florida beach vacation.