Best Shows to See in Las Vegas

Along with the non-stop nightlife, wild pool parties, and incredible buffets, Las Vegas is known for having some of the best shows in the world. From topless revues to Elvis impersonators to headlining artists with permanent residencies on The Strip, there’s not much that Vegas doesn’t offer in the way of entertainment. Since many of these shows aren’t cheap, you’ll probably have to pick and choose so you can still have money left over for the tables. Double down on the fun with one of these best shows in Las Vegas:

The Big “O”

There’s really no point in going to Las Vegas if you aren’t able to catch at least one of the Cirque du Soleil shows. Initially a collection of touring acrobats, Cirque du Soleil has expanded to include permanent shows based on certain music and themes. The simply-titled O is one of the biggest hits in Vegas, and is famous for its impressive, water-based performance. The stage contains a pool filled with more than a million gallons of water, and with the 85 performers, fire, ice, and dazzling aerial feats and synchronised swimming, this show is a far cry from your grandma’s pool aerobics. The 90 minutes fly by just like the trapeze artists soaring over the heads of the audience.

Finally, Absinthe is Legal

Absinthe, better known to international travellers as the Green Fairy, is a seriously strong, emerald coloured, herbal alcohol that was banned in the United States until 2007. Just as powerful, and just as likely to get you in the mood for some Vegas fun, is the show Absinthe. Totally different from other shows in Las Vegas, Absinthe takes place in a circus tent right outside the MGM Hotel. It won’t take long to figure out that this isn’t a family-friendly performance. Sexual innuendo, a little nudity, and some raunchy jokes set the scene for a riotous night out with friends. It’s a mix of comedy, burlesque, and acrobatics that includes everything from a topless woman in a bubble to calling up audience members onstage for participation. Let’s hope you don’t have stage fright, because anyone could be called on for a “shot” at fame while watching Absinthe!

Blue in the Face

One of the hottest Las Vegas shows features a cast of characters you won’t expect: three bald guys who don’t talk. If you guessed the Blue Man Group, you’re right! This is one of the shows in Las Vegas that appeals to kids just as much as adults. The three men who star in the performance are part comedians, part musicians, part magicians, and 100 percent hilarious. There’s no actual dialogue, but there is a story told through sound, song, and funny movements. The trio has been a hit in Vegas for more than 15 years, and they update their material to stay current and take advantage of new advances in technology. If you’re looking for a colourful show that takes the blue ribbon prize, this is it!

More Than Just Lip Service

With big names like Celine Dion, Britney Spears, and Elton John offering residencies in Las Vegas, it’s tempting to scoop up tickets to these expensive shows when visiting. While they are certainly fantastic, you can save a bit of money and attend the Legends in Concert, one of the most incredible impersonation shows in Vegas. Unlike some impersonators in Sin City, Legends in Concert is the real deal when it comes to singing and dancing. The people on stage may look just like Britney, Elvis, and James Brown, but they are also uniquely talented performers who can belt it out, big time. Head to the Flamingo Las Vegas to watch the show and cross off some items from your bucket list like gyrating to Ricky Martin, blowing a kiss to Madonna, or catching Elvis’ iconic scarf. Thank you, thank you very much.

After a day of drinking by the pool or losing at the slots, shake up your plans by attending a world-class Vegas show. From blue paint to underwater acrobatics, one of these performances is perfect for you.

Which show do you want to see most in Sin City?

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