Who needs a boyfriend or girlfriend to enjoy a trip to Riviera Maya? You don’t have to bring along a Plus One to enjoy all this seaside town has to offer. Made up of the wild and scenic area stretching between Cancun and the town of Carillo Puerto, Mayan Riviera is jam-packed with attractions, nightlife, and relaxation opportunities to indulge in during your solo adventure to the coast. Here are some of the escapades to enjoy on your own, without having to cater to Aunt Sue’s back and any whiny boyfriend’s smack:

Go Wild at Xel-Ha Eco Park

Xel-Ha Eco Park is part national refuge, part amusement park, and it puts you right in the heart of Mexico’s scenic beauty and wildlife. Want an untamed time you won’t ever forget? Try something like cliff-diving on a guided tour meant specifically for single travellers who laugh in the face of danger. Prefer something more relaxing? Set off on a raft and float down the river, soaking in the silence and beauty along the way. Xel-Ha Eco Park also allows snorkeling, spotting sea turtles in their natural habitat, and swimming with wild dolphins.

Lessons in Lingo at Academia Columbus

Whether you want to pick up regional slang to order a few drinks in the bar or Spanish poetry to romance a pretty chica, one of the best places to learn Spanish is at the Academia Columbus. This Spanish-language school in Playa del Carmen has week-long classes that take place daily. Enjoy spending the morning in a small group along with three or four students from around the world before practicing what you’ve learned haggling in the local Plaza Las Americas or grabbing a meal along Fifth Avenue.

Say Aaaah… in Akumal

Akumal is a smaller town along the Riviera, and its location between the bigger destinations of Tulum and Playa del Carmen gives it an off-the-beaten-path reputation. If you want to pamper yourself on a solo trip, Akumal is the ultimate place to unwind and relax. Indulge in a spa treatment at one of the hotel spas, many of which are way cheaper than what you might pay back home. After your pedicure, massage, or facial, head to the bay and kick back on the gorgeous white sand. Akumal isn’t the place for a wild time and a gang of new friends–you’ll want Cancun for that–but it is a great place to get some alone time and relax on your next Mexican holiday.

Party All Night in Cancun

Cancun has a reputation as a spring breaker’s paradise, but you don’t need an entourage to make the most of this incredible beach resort. The day might start with a Bloody Mary or two at noon, where you’ll be surrounded by people doing the exact same thing in beachside cafes all along the coast. Then it’s all about an afternoon siesta by the beach or pool. You’ll want the rest; the frenetic nightclubs, bars, and lounges start getting busy at sunset and don’t empty out until sunrise. You have two major choices for nightlife while in Cancun: the clubs in the Hotel Zone and the clubs in the Yaxchilan Avenue. Both can be a wild time, but the Hotel Zone is generally busier with travellers while Yaxchilan Avenue has a better mix of visitors and locals.

Mayan Riviera is definitely not a place where you have to be partnered up in order to have a good time. Whether your version of a wild time includes swimming with dolphins, partying until dawn, getting pampered in a spa, or just brushing up on your Español, you can do it all while traveling solo in the Riviera Maya.