Canada is turning 150 and to celebrate like it’s 1867, admission to all national parks is free! From Banff to Prince Edward Island, you won’t be charged a loonie. But instead of going to the usual suspects of popular national parks, check out these nine underrated national parks to beat the crowds and stand in awe at Canada’s natural history.

Point Pelee National Park — Ontario

Go for a romantic sunset walk along one of the wooden footpaths that crisscross the marsh of this amazingly beautiful piece of land in one of the coolest national parks in Canada.

La Mauricie National Park — Quebec

Hike up to the Le Passage overlook and snap some incredible panoramic photos of Wapizagonke Lake. Your Instagram followers will think you took a job with “National Geographic” as a staff photographer.

Kejimkujik National Park – Nova Scotia

Near the southern tip of Nova Scotia sits Kejimkujik—say that three times fast. If you’re looking for a perfect place to view wildlife, this is the park for you. Everything from moose and beavers to black bears can be seen here.

Auyuittuq National Park – Nunavut

One of the most “out there” Canadian national parks, Auyuittuq is out of this world. Get your hands on the finest hiking backpack and lace up a pair of your most comfortable hiking boots, because that’s all you’ll be doing here. You won’t believe you’re even on planet Earth while trekking through the barren Akshayuk Pass.

Wapusk National Park – Manitoba

If we told you there was a place where you can hang out with polar bears during the day and watch the night sky dance in green light, you’d probably think we were on something. But we’re not. We’re hanging out in Wapusk National Park and you should, too.

Kootenay National Park – British Columbia

When you’ve got a hankering to snag a trout the size of a small child, head into Kootenay and cast a line out into the Vermillion River. And after you’ve filled your quota, make the quick hike to Numa Falls.

Grasslands National Park – Saskatchewan

Grasslands National Park shares a border with the wild of northern Montana, so it should come as no surprise that there’s a massive bison population. The never-ending prairie lands offer up perfect viewing platforms to gaze upon these magnificent beasts.

Elk Island National Park – Alberta

Instead of going on a regular hike through the woods or spending hours bird watching, hop in a kayak and go for a paddle around Astotin Lake. You might even catch a glimpse of a bison herd sniffing around the shoreline.

Terra Nova National Park — Newfoundland & Labrador

If you’re wondering what can’t you do in Terra Nova National Park, don’t worry because you can do just about anything: Hiking, fishing, wildlife viewing…You name it, this place has it.

Following the pack gets old. That’s why you should heed our advice and visit some, if not all, of these nine incredible, beautiful, awesome, and underrated national parks. Happy birthday, Canada!