36 Hours in Seattle

Seattle is a city in a class all its own, and proud of it. If you only have a weekend to spend in the Emerald City, it’s still plenty of time to experience the very best of the Pacific Northwest. We’ve partnered with Visit Seattle to bring you a guide for spending 36 hours in Seattle.



If you’ve arrived on a cool night, you’ve landed into quintessential Seattle weather. Duck into trendy Belltown and pick up a late-night snack. The graffiti-style murals and classic brick architecture create a haven for the 20-something set. Whether you want some sushi and strong cocktails at Umi Sake House, biscuits and gravy at Biscuit Bitch, or some slices and beer at Belltown Pizza, this side of town has the buzz you need.



seattle_Pikes Place Market

When you’re ready for a buzz of the caffeinated variety, start your morning at Pike Place Market. If you arrive early enough, you can beat the line at the original Starbucks® just outside of vendors row. If there was ever a locale to order that grande, skim milk, extra shot, four pumps of vanilla, upside down, caramel macchiato, this is the place.

Once you’re fully awake, deck into the labyrinth of Pike Place Market. The seven levels are home to every sort of mom and pop shop you could want. Need a poster of “Guardians of the Galaxy”? Want a copy of “Wheedle at the Needle”? Looking for some love potions? Consider this your home. Just remember to pick up some Beecher’s Homemade Cheese and a few Opal Apples, which only grow in Washington and a handful of European orchards.


There are a few ways to get spacey in Seattle, and one of the best is by booking a ticket up the Space Needle. The Needle is 100% worth the ticket price. On clear days, you can see everything from Elliott Bay and Lake Union to Mount Rainier. And here’s a tip: Stay for sunset. Not only is it romantic, it’s an amazing sight to see the shades of blues from the water melt into the yellows and reds of the glowing city.


Embrace the construction trucks and crane machines and head into the thick of the South Lake Union District. With Amazon.com® and Facebook opening new offices here, this part of town is one of the hottest neighbourhoods in the city. Pop into hipster-meets-executive joints like Re:public or Serious Pie for dinner. With the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation located in the same neighbourhood, keep your eyes open for tech’s biggest titans sipping on regional wine next to you.


seattle_Space Needle


Love books and vanilla frosting? Head to Queen Anne. The quaint neighbourhood doesn’t want you to leave until you’ve sampled a dozen of cupcake flavours and picked up a few new novels. Seattle is ranked as the most literate city in America, so you’ll have to excuse the line to the check-out register.


Afternoons could use more trolls, don’t you think? Come visit the Fremont Troll in its namesake neighbourhood. Erected in 1990 as part of a community contest, the massive troll clutching a VW bug is a favourite roadside attraction. It also fits with the vibe of the neighbourhood: Fremont is considered the artistic-hippie side of town. All you have to do is visit the Sunday market or spy the bizarre rocket and Vladimir Lenin statue to understand why this is the “eclectic” part of the city.

Come visit Seattle. Between latte foam and peeking trolls, it’s a city you don’t want to miss.

What are your favorite things to do in Seattle?

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  1. I’m sorry but I recently played tourist in Seattle showing a French foreign exchange student around our city and I have never been more embarrassed. It was like inviting company over and you live in a rat infested hoarder house with dead cats everywhere. I was thoroughly disgusted with “Our Emerald City” and will never return “for fun”. Between the litter covering the streets, the stench of urine, the pan handling and the overall filth, Seattle is no gem. It’s an embarrassment. Have you walked the 2 blocks between Westlake and Pike Place? If the smell of weed doesn’t get you high, the stench of urine will burn your eyes. I’ve been to many cities and have truly enjoyed the sights and the feeling of safety. This was not the case in Seattle. Seattle is a filthy, dirty, drug and homeless ridden city and it’s embarrassing that we are promoting tourism. With the champion winning Seahawks, the cruise ships and the general promotion of tourism in this city, surely SOMEONE should be focused on cleaning up our city before company comes. Clearly there is no cleanup committee in Seattle. It would be great to see even a small amount of tourism dollars go towards helping the homeless and addicted and work on making this city one to be proud of.

    • Clean up before company comes? Are you serious? If you dislike Seattle so much I would recommend you move somewhere else. With your attitude you’re obviously not part of the solution, just the problem! I’ve lived all over the world and now here and I love Seattle. Every time I have visitors come and we explore Seattle they completely fall in love. It is a bit crowded, so feel free to move so people like myself can enjoy our city!


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