The 34 Most Breathtaking Places in North America

What do you see out of your office window? Another concrete building? Jeff in accounting who always seems to take two parking spots? It’s time to see something beautiful. Count up your PTO and prepare your suitcase. There’s a world of breathtaking places just out the door.

In order to compile the definitive list of spectacular sites, we searched throughout North America to find sweeping landscapes, famous views, and sights that elicit the word “wow.” Ready to experience what the continent has to offer? In no particular order, here are the most breathtaking places in North America.

1. Haida Gwaii British Columbia – Canada

Remote, wild, and epically beautiful, Haida Gwaii is in a league of its own. Formally called the Queen Charlotte Islands, this archipelago offers a truly breathtaking getaway. Paddle on the untampered waters when you sign up for a kayaking tour (such as with the popular Green Coast Kayaking) through Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve. And don’t miss a hike along the mossy Golden Spruce Trail, which is more than Instagram-worthy, or a trek along Pesuta Shipwreck Hike that stops in front of the wooden bones of the Pesuta, which was wrecked during a rough storm in 1928.

2. Coronach – Saskatchewan – Canada

If you get a sense of the Wild West when you’re in Coronach, good. Located 12 km above the international border, this area still speaks of days when outlaws and cowboys needed a place to hide out from the world. Coronach is the gateway to Big Muddy Badlands, a red, dusty, unique place that looks something out of Mars. Keep your eyes open for Castle Butte, an odd formation that seems to jut out of the earth just to impress you.

3. Banff/Lake Louise – Alberta – Canada

Be honest: As soon as you read “breathtaking,” Banff popped into your mind. Images of Banff National Park and Lake Louise are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Maybe it’s the jagged green forest trees or waters so blue the sky gets jealous, or maybe there’s just something majestic about being small in a place so expansive. Whatever it is, this area never fails to inspire. While you’re here, make time to see views from Johnston Canyon, Mt. Weed, Sulphur Mountain, and those iconic bright red chairs.

4. Penticton – British Columbia – Canada

Wine vines and sandy shores—aka, the two best things in life. Penticton, British Columbia, is located between two lakes and surrounded by rolling mountains and welcoming vineyards. For scenic views of the landscape, lace up your walking shoes for the Kettle Valley Railway Trail. And once you’re ready for something stronger than water, marvel at 40+ wineries that surround the town. In particular, Bench 1775 Winery has tables that overlook the waters of Okanagan Lake, and Maple Leaf Spirits lets you experience the majesty of the vineyards up close.

5. Rocky Harbour – Newfoundland and Labrador – Canada

As an enclave within Gros Morne National Park, Rocky Harbour has access to some of the most stunning sights in Newfoundland and Labrador. The town’s name itself comes from the rocky reefs that welcome entry into the habour. While in town, you absolutely must sign up for boat tours (like with the esteemed Bon Tours), or kayak your way along the shoreline and past the increasingly tall cliffs. You might also want to stop into Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse and see the views of the shore from this quaint landmark.

6. Hamilton – Ontario – Canada

Whether you’re looking for a place to propose or want to show your children somewhere that’s as colourful as their cartoons, Hamilton, Ontario, has what you need. Specifically, Gage Park Tropical Greenhouse is where you’ll find the prettiest sights in the city. The flowers grown here often end up in City Hall and other prominent landmarks around town. The Gage Park Rose Garden is also a winner, with over a dozen hybrid tea varieties. For additional pretty views, make your way to Bayfront Park Pier 4, which winds around Hamilton Harbour. Sunset is one of the best times for a stroll, when you’ll see ducks creating gentle wakes in the water.

7. Revelstoke – British Columbia – Canada

There are places in this world so lovely, you’re not sure if you’re in Canada or Narnia. Revelstoke is one such place. When you’re hiking, paragliding, or skiing around Revelstoke Mountain, you can’t help but wonder if those tall, proud mountains came straight out of a storybook. Consider yourself a hardcore cyclist? You’re going to love the sights from the Keystone Standard Basin Trail. It’s 11 km long and considered a black diamond-level of difficulty.

8. Alma – New Brunswick – Canada

Watching the tide ebb and flow is one of the most relaxing things to do. But if you really want to kick it up a notch, visit Alma, New Brunswick. This charming coastal village has prime views of the highest tides in the world. See it for yourself when you’re walking on the wharf or making a quick stroll along the shorelines. You might also want to make a stop at nearby Cape Enrage. Despite the less-than-hospitable name, these cliffs are nothing short of exquisite against the blue bay.

9. Churchill – Manitoba – Canada

Unless you live in Antarctica, chances are you’ve never seen a polar bear town quite like Churchill, Manitoba. In fact, this city is often called the polar bear capital of the world, given its proximity to the packs of polar bears on Hudson Bay. See the bears up close with local tours through Churchill Wild. If Beluga whale watching is more your thing, Churchill is home to some of the largest gathering spots for these majestic creatures. Sea North Tours will give you the best views of the whales as they glide through the waters.

10. Parkdale – Oregon – United States

Located at the foot of the famous Mt. Hood (the tallest peak in Oregon), Parkdale is living its best life. With rolling greens next to the epic mountain, you’re excused if all you want to do is lie in the grass and stare at the land until the sky turns inky black. While you’re here, be sure to stop into Hutson Museum to see Native American artifacts, as well as unique rocks and minerals dug up from the land. The museum is perched close to the century-old Mt. Hood Railroad, which offers its own set of rustic sights. Just don’t stand in the middle of the tracks, OK?

11. Hilo – Hawaii – United States

Hawaii is just another word for paradise. The shiny black volcanos stand proud, the sapphire blue waters gently hug the shoreline, and the palm trees are just as green in real life as in your imagination. For the cream of the crop, make your way to Hilo. This town, located on the Big Island, has perfect views of the Pacific, not to mention a downtown that embraces relaxed coastal living. Hilo is also close to the famed Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where you can see the epic beauty and devastation these beasts have created on the island. Trust us. This is one of the most beautiful landscapes in North America.

12. La Ronge – Saskatchewan – Canada

You’ve never seen the Northern Lights quite like this. La Ronge, Saskatchewan, has some of the clearest views of the night sky, creating a truly stunning light show filled with bright greens and shimmering purples. Looking for something to do during the daylight hours? Canoeing along Lac La Ronge in summer or ice skating on it in winter also provides a world of beautiful sights (not to mention some very attractive pictures to send back home).

13. Kamloops – British Columbia – Canada

Your pooch can enjoy one of the most breathtaking places in British Columbia with you when you head to Kamloops, British Columbia. We’re talking about Peterson Creek Park in particular, where you’ll find scenic trails that offer views of rolling hills and well-tread dirt paths. The jewel of the park is Bridal Veil Falls, a whimsical waterfall that’s a favourite in the area. If your idea of scenic has more to do with swirling wine than misty water, Kamloops has that covered, too. The Kamloops Wine Trail features tastings of reds and whites amongst the vines at local wineries like Harper’s Trail, Monte Creek Ranch, and Privato.

14. Durango – Colorado – United States

Durango, Colorado, may be a small city but it offers plenty of big-time beauty. Start with Mesa Verde, one of the best-preserved cliff dwellings in America. The ancient homes were carved into the rocks roughly 1,400 years ago, and the near-600 individual homes are still viewable today. Your one-bedroom apartment won’t look the same after touring this astonishing site. Fancy some whitewater rafting on the rushing Lower Animas River? Hitch a ride with Durango Rivertrippers & Adventure Tours and hold on tight. If you really want your breath taken away, sign up for one of the longest zip lines in America with Soaring® Tree Top Adventures, which takes you flying over the San Juan Mountains.

15. Lillooet – British Columbia – Canada

When you’re standing on the lush green fields overlooking the Fraser River, you can understand why so many people consider Lillooet a gorgeous getaway. Located toward the south end of British Columbia, this town offers charm for days. For the best views, go on a hike over to Seton Lake. The water seems to cut through the hills themselves and offers a hidden gem feel to the area.

16. Niagara Falls – Ontario – Canada

There’s a reason Niagara Falls finds itself on so many bucket lists. The crashing waters are, simply put, awe-inspiring. Hold your breath when you sign up for a Journey Behind the Falls tour, where you’ll see the pounding waters from a cave nook. Another thing that’s breathtaking around the Niagara Falls area? The on-site Butterfly Conservatory. Walk into what feels like a burst of colourful confetti when you walk through the exhibit. It’ll be easy to understand why this is one of the top North American travel destinations of all time.

17. Mexico City – Federal District – Mexico

Mexico City is a mix of old world and new world, not to mention a blend of everything grand, regal, and chaotic all in one place. For this reason, it’s one of the most beautiful places in North America. Highlights include the stunning Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral (one of the largest cathedrals in the world); Palacio de Bellas Artes, which showcases art, dance, and theatre; and Plaza de las Tres Culturas, which has ruins and structures like Aztec pyramids, the Spanish Templo de Santiago (built in the 17th century), and the Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco.

18. Whitehorse – Yukon Territory – Canada

If you’ve ever wanted to throw your daily planner out the window and escape to somewhere wild and beautiful, Whitehorse is ready to welcome you. Located in the Yukon, this town is at the crest of the some of the most breathtaking places in Canada—namely, Kluane National Park. This park contains the tallest peak in the country (Mount Logan) and offers views of what nature looks like in its purest form. Get to know the town and its scenic views (like Miles Canyon) when you take a tour with Who What Where Tours. Or, join a Northern Tales tour to see the Aurora Borealis lights in person.

19. Oshawa – Ontario – Canada

With its prime spot on the shores of Lake Ontario, did you really think that Oshawa wouldn’t make the list? Oshawa is packed with recreational hot spots, but a favourite is nearby Rouge Beach, where you’ll find ample areas to swim, fish, and kayak through the gentle marshes. For lovely sights around town, keep your eyes open for the pieces of public art sprinkled throughout the city. This includes the Oshawa Murals, 15 large paintings that depict life in the area.

20. Tofino – British Columbia – Canada

If hippie Volkswagen buses could talk, they’d ask for a summer drive to Tofino, British Columbia. This town is living beach life to the fullest, with perfect surf, soft sand, and sunsets that seem to stretch to the ends of the earth. Chesterman Beach is the most popular stretch of strand. At 2.7 km long, there’s enough space to stretch your legs and tide pools to delight the kiddos. Just remember that sun screen.

21. Sault Ste. Marie – Ontario – Canada

Via City of Sault Ste. Marie

We all know that Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, offers plenty of pretty sights, including the Art Gallery of Algoma, Parks Canada Canal, Chippewa Falls, and the steep cliffs off of Alona Bay. However, the real rock star is Agawa Canyon. A ride along the Agawa Canyon Train Tour is one of the best ways to experience this breathtaking sight, where you’ll wind past the bursts of trees and teeter close to the edge. Yes, you’re going to want to look down.

22. Old Montreal – Montreal – Quebec

It’s one of the oldest cities in the country and contains a glamour of yesteryear that only seems more dignified as time wears on. We’re talking about the Old Montreal district of Montreal, which is filled with architecture that takes you to the regal past. The crown sight of the area, of course, is the Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal. With its wealth of candles, gold fixtures, and spiral architecture, it’s nothing short of breathtaking. You’ll also want to spend time in Place d’Armes, a pedestrian square in the heart of the neighbourhood surrounding by stunning buildings.

23. Cabo Rojo – Puerto Rico

Sitting on the southwest coast of Puerto Rico is the pretty town of Cobo Rojo. Stunning beaches, historical buildings, rum bars, and a great food scene are all present here. Make a stop at Joyuda Lagoon, a natural reservoir that’s perfect for a quick fishing trip. Or walk down Calle Ruiz Belvis, an amazing avenue lined with buildings that are painted in pastel colours. You might even pop into Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge, a beautiful natural habitat that is home to the endangered yellow-shouldered blackbird.

24. Georgian Bay – Ontario – Canada

It’s often considered the sixth Great Lake, and for good reason. Georgian Bay is home to nearly 30,000 islands and roughly 2,000 km of sandy beaches. You’re going to love seeing how turquoise blue the waters really are. They’re quite the sight against the pale white cliffs and expansive forests. There are several small communities that line the Bay, though some of the best are along the Bruce Peninsula, including Sauble Beach, Tobermory, Wiarton, and Lion’s Head. Rock climbing, kayaking, lighthouse touring, and hiking on Bruce Trail are all top activities to see the wondrous shoreline from unique vantage points.

25. Osoyoos – British Columbia – Canada

Via Destination Osoyoos

Osoyoos can feel like an oxymoron, being a desert town in the middle of lush wine country. But perhaps the extremes are precisely why the grapes grow so plump and the tours around the vines offer sights unlike anywhere else. See rolling vineyards against the warm waters of Osoyoos Lake when you go on a Desert Country Wine Tour. Or see the area on your own when you book a bike with Heatstroke Cycle & Sport.

26. Red Deer – Alberta – Canada

One of the best features of Red Deer is that you can just as easily enjoy the lively downtown area as the great outdoors. It’s the latter category that really makes the town stand out, with Maskepetoon Park as the local favourite. This river area was largely ignored by visitors until the 1950s, making it still feel new and undiscovered. Additionally, the park is a designated pollinator park, so you’ll see a ton of buzzing bees and other winged critters doing their thing. Bower Ponds is also lovely, as this area features a serenity garden and natural amphitheatre.

27. Peterborough – Ontario – Canada

We can say, with utter and total certainty, that you have never dined in a place like Lock 21 in Peterborough, Ontario. It’s a restaurant you can only get to by canoe, kayak, or boat, and is located directly underneath the world’s tallest hydraulic lift lock (which lifts boats from the water). Once the powerful machine has clocked out for the day, the restaurant below begins cooking up 5-course fine-dining meals against the background of stone, steel, and blue waters. The truly breathtaking restaurant has already gained strong word of mouth during its trial runs, and anticipation is high for the grand opening later this year. Of course, if you’d like to stay a little more on the ground, a stroll through Harper Park or a tour through the Art Gallery of Peterborough showcase beauty as well.

28. Lafayette – Louisiana – United States

Via ©Eric Lindberg/Lafayette Travel

Located in the heart of Cajun country, Lafayette can feel like another world—especially when you find yourself on a swamp tour on Lake Martin. Trees appear to sprout out of nowhere, with low branches kissing the water’s surface and humid air warming the pathways. Champagne’s Cajun Swamp Tours is regarded as the best way to see the landscape—and the occasional gator sunning himself on overturned trees.

29. Page – Arizona – United States

There’s a lot more to Arizona than the Grand Canyon. In fact, Page is one of the best vacation spots in the U.S. Located on the shores of Lake Powell, this desert town is centrally located near a number of famous sights. This includes Rainbow Bridge National Monument, the world’s largest known natural bridge and a sacred landmark to the local Native American culture. Upper Antelope Canyon, which features curvy orange and red rocks you can squeeze your way through, is another favourite spot. And of course, you won’t want to miss Horseshoe Bend, one of the most stunning sights in the country, with its dark blue and green waters curving in a horseshoe shape around the proud red rocks.

30. Ponca – Arkansas – United States

There’s a good chance you’ve seen Ponca, Arkansas, and had no idea where those postcard-worthy Ozark views were taken. You were likely looking at images of Hawksbill Crag, a wing-like rock formation that juts out into open sky against a backdrop of forest. Views of this particular structure are best in autumn, when reds, oranges, and yellows paint the background in a sea of colour. Hawksbill Crag Trail in Ozark National Forest is about 5 km roundtrip and leads you to incredible lookouts.

31. Old Havana – Havana – Cuba

There’s still a place where classic cars roam and seasoned gentlemen surround themselves in billows of cigar smoke. That place is Old Havana, Cuba. Make time to play dominos in Plaza Vieja and go for a walk along Paseo del Prado. Keep your eyes open for Calle Obispo, the main avenue that runs along the seawall and Castillo de Los Tres Reyes Del Morro, a massive stone fortress from the 1700s. Be sure to have your finger on the shutter button when you pass by Havana Cathedral, one of the loveliest sights in the city.

32. Antigonish – Nova Scotia – Canada

You’ll easily understand why Antigonish made the list when you’re cycling along Sunrise Trail. This epic path touches down in town before wrapping around St. George’s Bay. Let’s just say that this trail is worth waking up for. In addition to this pathway, you’ll also want to check out Antigonish Landing Trail, which starts just a few steps from the Antigonish Heritage Museum and is one of those perfectly serene routes that allows you to think, breathe, and spot clear views of eagles, ducks, and osprey.

33. Tulum – Riviera Maya – Mexico

How often can you pair ancient ruins from the Mayan era with knotted rain forests? Well, if you’re in Tulum, Mexico, these sights are part of the norm. After your tour through the broken and beautiful ruins, cool off from the tropical heat when you snorkel along the shoreline. And if you really want an adventure, sign up for a cenote tour. What’s a cenote, exactly? It’s an underground cave that’s often filled with swimming water. Trust us, you haven’t seen anything like it.

34. Samana Province – Samana – Dominican Republic

From the pastel-hued homes to the golden sand beaches, Samana City is a welcoming place in the Dominican Republic. Be adventurous and check out El Salto del Limon, a waterfall that’s well-hidden in the jungle. Breathtaking sights plus an Indiana Jones-adventure? This is what the Dominican Republic is all about.

We go through life and have our to-do lists, our commutes, and our routines. But sometimes, oh but sometimes, we get the chance to drop everything and witness something exquisite. Whether you’re staying in Canada or heading south, there’s a beautiful world open in its splendor. Go see it!

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  1. Well, I would say that this is more of an opinion piece than anything. There are so many other breathtaking places in North America. Just the fact that La Ronge is on there makes it suspect. Although the scenery is nice, and comparable to anything in Northern Ontario, the town itself is a complete crime-ridden hell-hole.

  2. What an amazing country we live in! Thanks for this article. Of the 34 places listed 23 are in Canada, 5 are in the United States of America (6 if you include Hawii which is not in North America), and 5 others.

  3. Hilo one of the 34th most breathtaking places? Hardly. Hilo, a predominantly rainy city that face east (meaning minimal sunsets), is far less beautiful than most of Hawaii’s coastal towns. Hilo’s scenery is best described as pedestrian. Two of Hawaii’s giant mountains, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, look down on the city, but the very gradual slope up these distant mountains (13,000 ft. plus), combined with Hilo’s dense tree growth, means the mountains are barely visible from most of the city. Honolulu Koolau Mountain range, barely 2000 feet, is much more striking. The two mountains are visible from Hilo’s bayfront area, where a 1/2 mile long fence blocks all pedestrians from walking to the ocean. A high speed highway, built on what was once the largest black sand beach in Hawaii, dominates the bayfront. Nowhere in Hawaii can you find another coastal community where a fence keeps people from accessing the ocean, which, in Hilo, unfortunately, is inside a commercial harbor. Hilo has many beautiful days and is a decent place to live. The people are friendly. But if you are a person who loves stunning views (and ocean recreation), you can do far better. 30-year Hilo resident

  4. The Hawaiian Islands are NOT in North America, therefore Hilo, Hawaii is not in North America. They are in the Pacific Ocean in the Northern Hemisphere, but NOT in North America. A correction is necessary.

  5. Hilo, Hawaii is NOT, truly NOT, in North America. It is in the northern hemisphere, in the northern Pacific Ocean, in the Hawaiian archipelago, on an island in that archipelago named the Hawaiian Island. Please correct.

  6. How did you decide to put Red Deer in spot number 26? It’s a rest stop between two adequate, but fairly unremarkable, mid-sized cities.

  7. Red Deer, Alberta? Seriously?!? Surely you jest! I am a native Albertan, having stopped in or passed through the city of Red Deer on many, many occasions. I cannot even remotely imagine how Red Deer made this list of the “34 Most Breathtaking Places in North America”! I have extensively travelled throughout Canada, the USA and Mexico over the course of my 60+ years. Here are just a few of the locations which are much more deserving of being included on this list:
    *Vancouver, British Columbia (Grouse Mountain Skytram, Stanley Park, Lions Gate Suspension Bridge, Garibaldi and Golden Ears Provincial Parks, The Gulf Islands)
    *San Francisco, California (Fisherman’s Wharf/Pier 39, Golden Gate Bridge, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Alcatraz, Coit Tower/Telegraph Hill)
    *Jasper, Alberta (Mt. Robson Provincial Park, Columbia Icefields Parkway, Maligne Lake/Canyon)
    *Las Vegas, Nevada (South Las Vegas Blvd/The Strip, The High Roller, The Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Death Valley National Park, Zion National Park, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area)
    *Quebec City, Quebec (Old Quebec City, Citadelle of Quebec, Plains of Abraham, St. Lawrence River/Seaway)
    *Idaho Falls, Idaho (Idaho Falls, Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, Craters of the Moon National Monument)
    *Gold Beach, Oregon (Oregon Dunes Recreation Area, Rogue River)
    *Miami, Florida (Florida Keys, Everglades National Park, Big Cypress National Preserve)
    *Port Alberni, B.C. (Pacific Rim National Park/The West Coast Trail, Alberni Inlet, Bamfield, Della Falls)
    *San Antonio, Texas (The Alamo, River Walk, Tower of the Americas, San Antonio Missions National Historical Park)
    *Kalispell, Montana (Glacier National Park, Going-to-the-Sun Highway, Hungry Horse Dam, Flathead Lake)
    *Val Marie, Saskatchewan (Grasslands National Park)
    *Port Angeles, Washington (Olympic National Park, Hoh Rain Forest, Dungeness Spit and National Wildlife Refuge)
    *Rapid City, South Dakota (Badlands National Park, Thunder Basin National Grasslands, Wounded Knee Massacre Monument, Devils Tower National Monument)
    *Astoria/Portland, Oregon (Lewis and Clarke National Historical Park, Fort Stevens State Park, South Jetty Columbia River, The Astoria Column, The Columbia River Gorge/Multnomah Falls)
    *New York City, N.Y. (Statue of Liberty, Manhattan Island skyscrapers, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Central Park, Empire State Building)
    *Waterton, Alberta (Waterton Lakes National Park, Chief Mountain Highway, Prince of Wales Hotel/The Bears Hump Trail)

  8. As a resident of Hilo who has traveled far-and-away around North America (and the rest of the world) I had to laugh when I saw HIlo listed among the most breathtaking places in North America. Why didn’t you include photos of the dalipadated buildings and the homeless wandering the streets of the “downtown that embraces coastal living” (a phrase I have seen directly quoted in other misguided travelogues)? Total lack of planning has left the “quaint” town with odd mixes, such as the prime bay front stretch along which visitors will pass Salvation Army next to tourist trinket shops next to commercial kitchen suppliers. No mention of our problem with crime against tourists, lack of medical facilities, and regular closure of shoreline parks due to things like sewage leaks or high mercury content in the ground. We don’t even have proper beaches (locals all drive to the other side of the island when they want beach time). Cruise ships visiting Hawaii do not even overnight in Hilo–there’s not that much to do–heading instead to the other side of the Big Island after a few hours port call. The famous Hilo Farmer’s market is full of fakes–shell crafts from the Philippines, prints from China, “Hawaiian” basalmic vinegar that is imported from Italy (the produce vendors are notorious for reselling goods they pick up at Costco). All that said, Hilo is “breathtaking” when you consider we have some of the highest rates of people on welfare, children living below the poverty line, and obesity (one out of two, by some survey results). Add in the fact that we have (literally) the worst school systems in the nation, highest cost of living, and the lowest wages and I suppose you really could portray this place in the magical light of the article.

  9. The most beautiful place (#1) in North America is Moraine Lake Alberta. You used a photo of it and labeled it Banff/Lake Louise. #Error #Error. I tell everyone visiting Lake Louise for the first time to head up to Moraine lake to see the real prize. Moriane Lake is so beautiful that God vacations there.

  10. Coronach, Saskatchewan and Red Deer, Alberta… Seriously?!?! Even my friends from Red Deer think this doesn’t make sense, and my friends from Saskatchewan are speechless (not in a good way).

  11. You say hamilton ontario and Red Deer are breathtaking, makes me question has you ever been to either??? Hamiltion and Red Deer makes your list, But Vancouver BC doesn’t ??

  12. Hawaii and Dominican is not considered part of continental North America. Perhaps a list compiling the most beautiful tropical places to visit would be more appropriate. We have lived in Hamilton , worked there and know others who have visited. It is truly not a “beautiful place.” I would like to see the criteria used to formulate this list.

  13. Red Deer has won multiple years as having the highest crime rate in Canada. It is one of the worst areas for drugs and the city is a dump. Breathtaking is hardly a way to describe it.

  14. Hi Jennifer
    I just read your blog listing the 34 most breath taking places in North America. I live in Hamilton which you chose as no 6. I agree it is a very beautiful place but you missed some of the most beautiful sites that make it unique such as the over 100 gorgeous waterfalls that give it the title of the “waterfall capital of the world”, the spectacular view from the Dundas Peak, and from the mountain as well as the Royal Botanical Gardens with its various gardens especially the rock garden or the arboretum with its world famous collection of lilac trees, (the RBG borders on Hamilton and Burlington and the gardens are shared by both). Try checking out these gorgeous sites at some time!

  15. I suppose this depends on your definition of “breathtaking”. And I’m from one of the places on the list. The part about Hilo that is breathtaking is not what she described [after all the active volcano she refers to is 45 minutes away and not visible from Hilo] but January on a clear day when you can see the full majesty of Mauna Kea volcano from Hilo bayfront with the snow all over it. But she didn’t mention that .

  16. You have got to be kidding me. I thought that weed legalization wasn’t till next year. Someone here has been smoking to much hooje and has hopelessy lost their sense of reality.

    Let me put it to you this way, this list contains several locations that are currently on the list of places that depict where that country would receive an enema.

    Let’s get real and get this Expedia list destroyed for false and stupid information.

  17. You left out a spot that has been consistently voted as one of the most attractive places in the workd and great for traveling through! Cape Breton Island, especially the Cabot Trail! How did you miss that one?

  18. You left out a spot that has been consistently voted as one of the most attractive places in the workd and great for traveling through! Cape Breton Island, especially the Cabot Trail! How did you miss that one?

  19. Strange that she gives durango claim to Mesa verde national park. There are four towns closer to it, Mancos, co. being the closest but Cortez, Dolores, and Hesperus also closer than Durango.

  20. 23/34 in Canada? Love our neighbors up north, but leaving out the Grand Canyon, Devil’s Tower, Arches, Multnomah Falls, Yellowstone, Horseshoe Bend AZ, Grand Tetons… C’mon now.

  21. Rocky Harbour is a most famous tourists destination of the world where I stay for two days. I had a blast of fun at this most amazing and alluring destination and came back with a lot of pleasant memories. I hope you will fully enjoy there like I enjoyed.

  22. All of these places are looking so fabulous an cool. I also enjoyed myself while I was visiting this kind of places. Now my Uncle ready to take the maid of the mist boat tour niagara falls ny.

  23. Wow, there is so, SOOOO much bad stuff I can say about Red Deer but I’ll leave it at this…….too much drugs, the people are total dirts, no culture or sophistication, and just remember to lock your doors. I don’t recommend anyone visit and I’ve lived here since the 90’s.

  24. I appreciate your sharing. I also explore your shared all these places in my these tours and have a joyful time with my mates. I am sure your shared information would be useful for all visitors which who have a plan to go there in coming up days.

  25. I really like to share your all these images which looking very fabulous and cool. I also explored these all fabulous places in my these tours and have a joyful time with my mates. Now my dad going to enjoy again his corning glass tours.

  26. I realize that this is a Canadian website, but if you’re going to write about “North America,” then don’t perpetuate the stereotype that Canadians are jealous of the U.S. Leaving out so many beautiful places in the U.S. just makes you look petty and small.

  27. Truly your shared all these places are the best for travelling but I have a good experience of Coronach because I have been there couple of the times in my whole life and every time had huge fun there.

  28. There are few places on this list that make the whole list suspect.
    I agree with many of the other comments.. . Red Deer being one of them
    Expedia should get another writer

  29. Amazing features and blog. Fantastic job and you guys are amazing. Expedia is the best!!! Please book your flight anywhere in the world. They’re fast and amazing. GOOD JOB GUYS!!!


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