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Your all-inclusive vacation

All-inclusive vacations offer truly incredible experiences with fun, savings, and convenience all combined into 1 convenient package. When you're planning an all-inclusive vacation, you can expect to have activities and food provided for you in addition to the basics you'd expect from any accommodation. All-inclusive Jamaica vacations and any other vacations by the beach tend to be particularly popular with travellers looking to have it all. Some accommodations are known as half-board, and while they aren't quite technically all-inclusive, they still offer more than the standard hotel booking.

What do all-inclusive vacation packages offer?

When you book an all-inclusive Mexico vacation or an all-inclusive trip anywhere else, you can expect quite a few benefits, including provided meals and easy access to local attractions like beaches. Some all-inclusive stays even have a private beach to enjoy. Booking an all-inclusive vacation to Cuba, for example, means a lot of the planning and itinerary-crafting is taken care of for you. All you have to do is make sure you book the experience that works best for your needs, and we make the booking process easier than ever.

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Book an all-inclusive Mexico vacation

All-inclusive vacations to Mexico have much to offer no matter which coast you visit. The Gulf Coast tends to be more popular, boasting state-of-the-art resorts that cover every aspect of your vacation. Still, you can enjoy a quieter, more tranquil kind of pampering with an all-inclusive stay on the Pacific Coast.

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Embark on an all-inclusive vacation to Jamaica

In Jamaica, you can indulge in unforgettable adventures among Caribbean resorts that offer seemingly endless drinks and world-class food. Jamaican all-inclusive vacations tend to centre around high-end resorts with easy access to the turquoise waters of the beach and services that put everything you need at your fingertips.

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Experience all-inclusive vacations to Cuba

When you're looking for all-inclusive vacations to Cuba, you'll want to look primarily in the Varadero and Cayo Coco areas. The former is a stunning peninsula with picturesque beaches, while the latter is an island with coral reefs that make it popular with divers. All-inclusive vacation packages will put you close to it all.

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Try out an all-inclusive Hawaii vacation

Hawaii all-inclusive vacation packages can come in many different forms that mostly depend on which of the islands you book your stay on. You can always check out O'ahu, which is the home of Honolulu, but if you're looking for something a bit more secluded and laid back, Kaua'i may be your best bet. Fortunately, all-inclusive packages are available across the islands.

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Explore your options for an all-inclusive Bahamas vacation

Bahamas all-inclusive vacations are among the most popular in the Caribbean. Once populated by pirates, this destination now serves as a paradise for travellers looking for sand and sea. All-inclusive resorts and accommodations here can offer thrills like surfing and water sports in addition to relaxing spas and health treatments.

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Venture to all-inclusive Cancun vacations

Cancun all-inclusive vacations are among the best in the Caribbean, as this destination was developed with luxury in mind. You'll find a wealth of all-inclusive accommodations available, with each having something special to offer, such as full-service spas, water sports like kayaking, and even dance classes at some. Of course, easy access to the beach is a given.

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Find fun with an all-inclusive vacation in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is home to a variety of experiences, and all-inclusive vacations in the Dominican Republic let you enjoy the best of it all. You can find accommodations by the beach or farther inland with vibrant greenery and easy access to hiking and biking trails. No matter where you book, however, all-inclusivity in the Dominican Republic typically means multiple on-site restaurants to choose from.

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Enjoy all-inclusive vacations to Punta Cana

Punta Cana all-inclusive vacations are known for combining all the wonders of the beach with the luxury of a golf vacation. While you don't necessarily have to opt for either the sea or the links, Punta Cana is the perfect destination for combining a bit of both, offering as much adventure and relaxation as you like.

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Sort through a wealth of options with all-inclusive Caribbean vacations

The Caribbean is one of the most popular destinations in the world for all-inclusive stays. When you book an all-inclusive vacation in the Caribbean, you can expect to be set up right next to the famous turquoise waters the sea is known for no matter which island you choose. Water sports are often included as well whether you're interested in surfing, snorkelling, or kayaking.

Planning your all-inclusive vacation

All-inclusive vacations have much to offer, and with everything in a singular package, you'll want to make sure you get it right when you book. Learn everything you need to know about planning the ultimate all-inclusive adventure.

What are the benefits of booking all-inclusive vacations?

Booking all-inclusive vacations is one of the most convenient ways to travel. With all the important factors being included and knowing the cost of it all upfront, it's easier than ever to plan something unforgettable. That freedom is what drives a lot of travellers to these deals.

Can I book all-inclusive vacations with a flight and meals?

One of the benefits of booking all-inclusive vacations is the opportunity to combine multiple aspects of your trip into a single package. You can use search filters to find all-inclusive packages that offer the airfare you're looking for along with meals, which makes booking all-inclusive Jamaica vacations, for example, easier than ever.

Are adults-only all-inclusive vacations worth it?

Quite a few benefits come with adults-only all-inclusive vacations. Since there won't be any kids around, you're apt to find a much quieter and more laid-back experience. The general atmosphere found with adults-only experiences is easygoing and fun, letting you get fully immersed in the paradise of all-inclusive vacations to Mexico or other stunning destinations.

Are all-inclusive package deals available?

Finding all-inclusive package deals is easy, thanks to our convenient search filters that let you sort by price and special discounts. You may even find that more discounts become available the closer you get to the booking date. Last-minute discounts are just one way you can save when booking package deals.

How cheap can all-inclusive vacations be?

Even if you're travelling to some of the most coveted destinations in the world, you may still find some seriously affordable all-inclusive vacations. Use search filters to sort your results by price, rating, and a variety of other factors that could influence the price. While price always varies, the range available is considerable.

What are the most important factors of 5-star all-inclusive vacations?

When you're booking 5-star all-inclusive vacations, you'll want to keep an eye out for top-of-the-line amenities. These include features like hot tubs, infinity pools, and full-service spas. You can use search filters to sort out results based on specific amenities, so it's easy to customize your booking.

What makes a good all-inclusive vacation for families?

All-inclusive vacations for families must offer an experience that adults and kids alike can enjoy. Fortunately, plenty of packages all over the world come with features and amenities like pools and kids' clubs that your little ones will enjoy. You can filter for specific amenities when searching or apply a wide-reaching family-friendly filter on your search.

What are the best deals for all-inclusive vacations?

The best deals on all-inclusive vacations will depend on a variety of factors. The time of year and general availability will greatly affect the price. For example, all-inclusive vacations to Cuba tend to be cheaper in the spring and fall compared to summer and winter.

Are there all-inclusive vacations with free cancellation?

Yes, quite a few all-inclusive vacation packages come with free cancellation. If you look at each entry on your search results page, you can see which ones qualify by spotting "free cancellation" in green text. You can also filter for this specifically, making it easy to book with peace of mind.

Why should I book all-inclusive vacations with Expedia?

When you book all-inclusive vacations with Expedia, you can enjoy the benefits of all-inclusiveness early on. From the booking process itself, we make it easy for you to book all aspects of your travel together, from your accommodation to your flight. Plus, Expedia Rewards members may be able to enjoy even more discounts apart from the standard package deals.