Country Houses

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What is a country house?

Simply stated, a country house is a type of accommodation set in a large house or mansion in the countryside. This elegant lodging appeals to discerning travellers who like to make the most of their vacation by basking in their surroundings instead of moving from one major attraction to another. Country houses are known for their refined architectural style and panoramic views of the surrounding fields and woods, making them an ideal destination for guests who are keen to just rest and relax.

Why should I stay in a country house?

If your idea of a great vacation involves a lot of socializing and lively gatherings, a country house might not be to your taste. However, if you'd like to stay in a place that allows you to savour your relaxation time in peace, a country house might just be the right place for you. These houses are often surrounded by sprawling, landscaped grounds and offer grand communal spaces. The more luxurious ones also have facilities such as spas and tennis courts, as well as outdoor pools from which guests can enjoy magnificent views.

Where do you find country houses?

You'll find a considerable number of country houses across Europe, but most are in the UK, Italy, and France. There are stunning regal houses in the hills of the Cotswolds in England, among the vineyards of Umbria, and nestled in the valleys of the Loire and Dordogne. These polished mansions lie close to charming villages and historic towns, and give guests spectacular views of the surrounding greenery.

How much does it cost to stay in a country house?

Country houses cater to travellers seeking refined accommodations, so it's not surprising that most of them have steep rates. Country houses at the top-end of the price spectrum often come with spacious, stylish rooms and suites, as well as facilities such as outdoor pools, gyms, spas, and tennis courts.

Country houses close to me

Once you have a destination in mind, you can use Expedia to look for a country house nearby. You can specify the features you'd like to see in your country house lodging. You can also use the map tool to expand your search to other destinations. With these handy tools, you'll be able to find the country house that suits your requirements.

How to book a country house

Booking a country house on Expedia is easy. All you have to do is follow the same process for booking a standard hotel. Just make sure to filter the search results according to category, so you can narrow your choices down to country houses. While you're looking for the right country house, you might want to take a look at flights and car rentals too, as bundling these with your lodging can save you a fair bit of money.

What do country houses offer?

Country houses are perfect for travellers who take their leisure time seriously. With spacious, beautifully furnished interiors and breathtaking surroundings, a country house is a place that allows you to do nothing but relax. Country houses often offer just a handful of rooms or suites, but you can expect these to be large and thoughtfully decorated. Most also offer modern amenities like TV and Wi-Fi. Most guests will be happy to just hang out in the grandiose lobbies or enjoy a meal at an on-site restaurant, but the more luxurious country houses might also offer additional perks such as swimming pools, spas, gyms, and tennis courts. Some are also ideal for big events such as weddings.

Country houses vs palaces

Country houses might enjoy the same setting as palaces, so it's easy for some people to assume that they're the same. But what's the difference between country houses and palaces? While country houses are spacious, elegant, and beautifully furnished just like palaces, the latter are on a totally different level of opulence. A country house might have a spa, but it will be smaller and less chic compared to one that you'll find in a palace. The difference has to do with the original nature of these buildings, of course. Palaces were built for royals, while country houses were made for landed gentry, whose tastes were definitely more low-key compared to their noble contemporaries.