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Known for Hiking, Waterfall and Dining

On the edge of spectacular Chaleur Bay, this town has a friendly, community feel and plenty of scope for outdoor adventure.

How do you get to Bathurst?

Marvel at the sprawling tidal beach at Bathurst then traverse the rushing river in a kayak or canoe. Escape to pristine parkland full of fascinating wildlife or take advantage of some fantastic shopping in town.

It is impossible to escape from water in Bathurst and it is a significant part of the area’s charm. It can be hard to take your eyes off the swirling streams and currents of the bay while a short drive north, Youghall Beach offers soft sand ideal for playing or sunbathing. Come at low water when one of the world’s largest tides withdraws to reveal miles of undulating sandbanks.

If you prefer freshwater then head to Nepisiguit River that runs through the eastern side of the city. Rapids further upstream create excellent conditions for kayaking and rafting while more placid sections are ideal for fishing and canoeing. Rental equipment and guided trips can be organized in town.

Being surrounded by countryside ensures there is a seemingly endless supply of superb hiking and mountain biking. During the winter these same paths are popular with cross country skiers and snowmobile expeditions. For a real escape head to Daly Point Nature Reserve on the northeast end of Chaleur Bay. This reserve covers an area of 100 acres (40 hectares) with more than 4 miles (6 kilometers) of trails through woodland and salt marshes. Plant life is abundant with 75 different species. Be sure to look for the rare maritime ringlet butterfly that mates through July and August.

After a day amongst nature return to the heart of the city where shopping is available at two different malls on St. Peter’s Avenue. Find all your favorite brands or purchase souvenirs at small boutique shops.

Bathurst is in northeast New Brunswick on Canada’s east coast. The city is officially bilingual thanks to its traditional French origins. There are a handful of hotels and guesthouses with plenty of options for some superb food. Being by the sea the fish is usually delicious, with fresh lobster as well as bass and salmon.

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